CSPi Highlights Enterprise-Wide Network and Data Cybersecurity Solutions at RSA 2019

BOSTON, MA, March 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CSPi (NASDAQ: CSPI), a provider of cybersecurity and packet capture products, managed IT and professional services and technology solutions, will be exhibiting at the RSA 2019 conference and will be featuring its portfolio of cybersecurity solutions including the ARIA SDS solution, nVoy Series and Myricom network adapters.

CSPi cybersecurity solutions represent a different approach to threat detection and prevention, stemming from the company’s deep expertise supporting network surveillance and intelligence initiatives for the U.S. Department of Defense and other Western intelligence agencies.

To improve overall security posture and minimize the threat landscape, organizations must have a way to identify, stop and quickly mitigate potential threats, and should focus on the threats that matter the most, such as those targeting high-value business assets and applications. Doing so requires complete network visibility and the ability to gather the right intelligence to feed existing security tools, like firewalls or SIEMs, to detect such threats.

CSPi’s cybersecurity solutions provide these capabilities, helping to separate real alerts from false positives and enabling security professionals to conduct real-time incident response by mining specific packet-level data conversations to validate potential threats, while also encrypting the data that requires protection.

CSPi’s cybersecurity solutions are designed with these objectives in mind and are ideally suited for:

Enhanced Network Security

Better network visibility leads to better security decisions, and with ARIA SDS, security professionals can more easily and cost-effectively monitor their entire network, including east-west traffic that can comprise up to 80 percent of network traffic. Network policy violations are automatically detected and stopped, preventing data leaks and potential threats. The effectiveness of existing security tools, such as SIEMs, UEBAs and IPS/IDS threat detection rates are dramatically improved as they are fed the right data to detect network-born threats.

Improved Data Protection and Application Security

CSPi’s ARIA SDS applications give organizations the tools they need to apply layers of protection to their critical business data and production applications and adhere to security-in-depth best practices. With the ARIA PI application, network policy enforcement programmatically controls application access, and the ARIA KMS and microHSM applications perform encryption operations without impacting server or application performance.

In addition, the ARIA KMS application scales with the ability to generate and manage thousands of unique encryption keys, in minutes, at the data, application and/or transaction level, making all high-value business assets unreadable in the event of a breach.

Accelerating Incident and Breach Response

With ARIA SDS network security applications, it’s far easier for security professionals to detect and validate all network-born threats at full line rate allowing for fast and focused incident response. In addition, they help find and validate threats before they become full-blown breaches and can leverage automated API-triggered actions to immediately stop network-born threats. Finally, forensic tools are provided for those incidents found to determine the extent of any damage–ideal for audits and compliance reporting.

Carrier-Class Cyber-Visibility and Control

CSPi has provided a means to overcome a major deficiency in security product architectures and make cyber-security services easy, if not foolproof, to deploy while hardening them to make them impenetrable and provide true carrier-class high availability and resiliency.

The ARIA SDS solution is a scalable carrier-class platform providing the next generation of packet- and flow-level monitoring as well as data conversation control capabilities. Not only is it built to carrier specifications, but it is also on top of a hardened military-grade infrastructure, allowing for a cost-effective approach to widespread packet-level monitoring for layer 3, 4, and 7 visibility.

About CSPi

CSPi (NASDAQ:CSPI) maintains two distinct and dynamic divisions – the High Performance Products, including the Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, and Technology Solutions – with a shared vision for technology excellence. CSPi’s cybersecurity solutions are born from network security, data protection and intelligence initiatives with the department of defense and western intelligence agencies. This experience provides a unique perspective to protecting an organization’s critical assets to minimize, or remove, the impact threats including data breaches. Our ARIA Software Defined Security platform solves the complexities associated with securing DevOps environments, while our Myricom nVoy Series appliances provide automated breach identification and notification, enabled by the 10G dropless packet capture inherent in our Myricom® ARC intelligent adapters. CSPi’s Technology Solutions division helps clients achieve their business goals and accelerate time to market through innovative IT solutions and security services by partnering with best in class technology providers. For organizations that want the benefits of an IT department without the cost, we offer a robust catalog of Managed IT Services providing 24×365 proactive support. Our team of engineers have expertise across major industries supporting five key technology areas: Advanced Security; Communication and Collaboration; Data Center; Networking and Wireless & Mobility. For more information, please visit cspiweb.staging.wpengine.com. Myricom and ARIA are trademarks of CSPi Inc. All other brand names, product names or trademarks belong to their respective owners.

Amy Carey
VP, Corporate & Security Product Marketing

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