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Delivering a Portfolio of Hardware and Consulting Solutions Designed to Meet Complex and Demanding Technical Challenges.


Committed to helping our customers meet the demanding performance, availability and security requirements of their complex network, applications and services that drive success.

At CSPi we are committed to helping our customers meet some of computing’s most demanding performance, availability and security challenges.

Today’s security teams receive a great deal of real-time information and intrusion alerts, generated from their security equipment and tools; yet, the volumes of data make it make it nearly impossible for incident response teams to validate a data breach. With our Myricom nVoy Series solution we offer our customers a new approach to cyber threat identification and investigation – a rapid breach response solution that identifies alerts associated with a specific asset and provides an extraction of the entire set of conversations associated with that breach.This detailed data is crucial in performing timely and accurate analysis needed to comply with data-privacy regulations such as GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPPA, SOX, and 48 different U.S. state laws related to PII.

In a similar vein, customers in the financial trading and network security communities face huge technical challenges associated with directing, capturing and monitoring the unrelenting streams of data moving through their networks. To meet those demands, our design team has created successive generations of Myricom ARC Series of network adapters that are purpose-built and optimized for industry-leading performance.

Our IT customers face a different set of challenges that are just as daunting. They must navigate a shifting technology landscape, seeking the best ways to architect and manage their computing environment. We are a partner who offers expert resources that can be applied as needed, implementing a range of services that enable high performance and high availability IT systems.

In today’s computing and communications environment there is an intense, worldwide focus on security. Customers in all industries face expanding and evolving threats to their information assets. CSPi experts meet their security needs with services that range from audits and analysis to implementation of security tools and practices.

Across all these technical sectors, CSPi invests in developing market-leading, focused expertise and then applying it to efficiently solve customer problems.

A market leader since 1968, CSPi maintains two distinct, yet complementary, divisions:

Cyber Security Products

Myricom Network Products

Securing Critical Data from Cyberattacks by Making Today’s Cybersecurity Tools and Process Work Better –

The genesis of our cybersecurity products and approaches originated from supporting initiatives for the Department of Defense and Western intelligence agencies related to network monitoring, data protection, and intelligence initiatives.

This focused mindset now results in foolproof cyber protection of an organization’s critical assets, enterprise-wide. Our ARIA Software Defined Security suite provides enhanced network security, as well as accelerating incident response capabilities, while our Myricom nVoy Series appliances provide automated breach identification and notification, enabled by the 10G dropless packet capture inherent in our Myricom intelligent adapters.

We’re proud to have been recognized and received industry awards as a leading security provider in categories including encryption, cloud security and best cybersecurity product.

Technology Solutions

IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services – Our Vital IT Managed Services provides a suite of offerings enabling our customers to limit their IT management burden and allow them to focus on their core business.

Hired Hacker Security Services

Security Services – Our experts can deliver Full Service Security, with offerings that range from audits and analysis, to the implementation of security tools and practices, and even the management of a Security Operation Center (SOC).

Our specialty products, multi-vendor solutions and technical services meet and exceed the needs of performance-sensitive and highly regulated vertical markets, including manufacturing, oil and gas, education, healthcare, aerospace, military and defense, government, maritime, financial trading, retail, telecommunications, utilities and energy, and many others.

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