CSPi Nominated for Prestigious 2018 Edison Awards for the Company’s ARIA SDS Platform

Boston, Mass., March , 2018– CSPi (NASDAQ: CSPi), a provider of IT managed services, security solutions and packet capture products, announced today that the company was nominated to the final rounds of the 2018 Edison Awards for the innovative ARIA Software Defined Security platform. Since 1987, the Edison Awards™ have recognized and honored some of the most innovative new products, services and business leaders in the world. The Edison Awards symbolize the persistence and excellence personified by prolific innovator, Thomas Edison, while strengthening the human drive for innovation, creativity and ingenuity.

CSPi’s ARIA Software Defined Security (SDS) platform was recognized as the only security technology on the market that can achieve uncompromised enterprise wide security by making an organization’s critical data impenetrable to breaches. This patent pending approach of making inevitable data breaches irrelevant brings balance to the requirement to maintain the consistent enforcement of security policies and data protection within a traditional IT infrastructure with the desire for more agile and flexible DevOps practices. The ARIA solution works with any enterprise infrastructure, on-premise, off-premise and in the public cloud, is easy to deploy and typically costs 10x less than other server host based encryption solutions.

“We’re excited to have reached the final round of the Edison award selection. Our ARIA solution addresses a critical need in the market – to fully secure a DevOps environment, without requiring changes to how application developers or InfoSec teams go about their jobs,” said Gary Southwell, General Manager, CSPi Cyber Security Products. “In just a few easy steps, developers can secure their applications with ARIA agents.  Since these agents beacon out they are instantly recognized and thereby trigger the automatic application of security policies.  ARIA makes the inevitable data breach irrelevant as critical assets are securely encrypted in the event of breach. This applies no matter whether the data is in use, in motion or at rest.”

CSPi’s ARIA SDS solution is unique to the market because it automatically secures both containerized and VM deployments as they spawn. It is implemented through a series of lightweight software defined security instances, which work within containers or VMs in all environments including the applications they protect. The ARIA solution will provides a variety of advanced services, including VM/container image verification, micro-segmentation and encryption to protect not only the applications but also the data produced. Even novice developers can implement these sophisticated security features by simply connecting their applications to the desired security service. Independent of development process InfoSec teams can set the appropriate policies allowing developers to maintain their quick, iterative DevOps approach.  A key benefit of this is that outsourced development resources can be more cost effective and efficient in their work, which is crucial in today’s security demanding environments.  With ARIA, organizations can eliminate the potential of server overload caused by core intensive security features by offloading features onto an optional Myricom ARC Secure Intelligent Adapter (SIA).

To learn more about CSPi’s ARIA SDS platform visit: https://cspiweb.staging.wpengine.com/ARIA

About CSPi

CSPi (NASDAQ:CSPI) maintains two distinct and dynamic divisions – the High Performance Products, including the Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, and Technology Solutions – with a shared vision for technology excellence. CSPi’s cybersecurity solutions protect an organization’s critical assets to minimize, or remove, the impact of the inevitable data breach.  Our ARIA Software Defined Security platform solves the complexities associated with securing devops environments, while our Myricom nVoy Series appliances provide automated breach identification and notification,  enabled by the 10G dropless packet capture inherent in our Myricom® ARC intelligent adapters.  CSPi’s Technology Solutions division helps clients achieve their business goals and accelerate time to market through innovative IT solutions and security services by partnering with best in class technology providers. For organizations that want the benefits of an IT department without the cost, we offer a robust catalog of Managed IT Services providing 24×365 proactive support.  Our team of engineers have expertise across majors industries supporting five key technology areas: Advanced Security; Communication and Collaboration; Data Center; Networking and Wireless & Mobility.  For more information, please visit cspiweb.staging.wpengine.com

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