CSPI Introduces Next-Generation Cyber-Security/Network Monitoring Solution (Billerica, MA)

Sniffer10G 3.0 Delivers Key Technology Enhancements

Dr. Markus Fischer to Introduce Product at ISS World Europe Conference

BILLERICA, MA, June 03, 2014 – CSP, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSPI), a provider of IT solutions, systems integration services and dense cluster computing systems, today announced general availability of its next generation cyber-security/network monitoring solution, Sniffer10G 3.0.  The newest addition to the Myricom product family provides enterprise and government customers the ability to capture, inject, and analyze all network traffic at line rate on a 10Gigabit Ethernet network.  Featuring 100% lossless packet capture and packet injection, this performance enables thorough inspection of the network traffic to provide better detection of threats for cyber security environments.

In addition to lossless packet capture and injection, Sniffer10G 3.0 provides the following enhancements:

  • Flexible Multi-Core Operation – Sniffer10G 3.0 can now utilize all available CPU cores in analyzing the network data.  This is critical for applications like deep packet inspection which operate under strict processing time constraints.
  • Precision Time Stamping – Sniffer10G 3.0 supports Arista Networks DANZ time stamping which enables the Arista 7150S switch to time stamp every packet.  This maximizes analysis accuracy and resolution by placing the time stamp closest to the actual traffic path, removing queuing and jitter typical in multiple input analysis networks.
  • Libpcap/WinPcap – Sniffer10G 3.0 packet capture capabilities can be leveraged through the popular libpcap (Linux) and WinPcap (Microsoft Windows) library or directly through the Sniffer10G SNF API.

Sniffer10G serves a number of market segments including network surveillance, deep packet inspection and as a critical technology component within distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) defense appliances.

Dr. Markus Fischer, Myricom product Consulting Software Engineer and well known international subject matter expert on  low latency high performance interconnect technology and transparent acceleration, will speak on Thursday, June 5, 2014 at 8:30 am at ISS World Europe in Prague, CZ.  Dr. Fischer will present the company’s Myricom Sniffer10G 3.0 packet capture offering to telecom operators and law enforcement/intelligence/defense analysts who are responsible for developing lawful intercept network infrastructure.  In this session Dr. Fischer will discuss the benefits of distributing incoming packets over multiple CPU cores to not only improve CPU utilization, but also improve application performance through partitioning, parallelism, and process sharing.

“Securing your network is a major concern for corporations and government agencies,” said William Bent VP/GM MultiComputer Division of CSPI.  “Snifffer10G 3.0 delivers new features that our partners and customers need to ensure the security of their network infrastructure.”

Sniffer10G 3.0 is available now.  Existing users of Sniffer10G 2.x can upgrade to Sniffer10G 3.0 for $395*.  New users can purchase Sniffer10G 3.0 User Licenses for $495* or buy the software bundled with Myri-10G 10Gigabit Ethernet adapters starting at $690 List Price (10G-PCIE-8B-S+SNF3).

About CSP Inc.

Based in Billerica, Massachusetts and founded in 1968, CSP Inc. and its subsidiaries develop and market IT integration solutions and high-performance computer systems to meet the diverse requirements of our industrial, commercial, and defense customers worldwide.

CSP, Inc’s High Performance Products & Solutions segment includes the MultiComputer Division, which designs and manufactures commercial high-performance computer signal processing systems for a variety of complex real time applications in defense and commercial markets.  The company recently acquired Myricom, a pioneer in high performance computing interconnect technology. Founded in 1970, Modcomp, Inc. is part of CSPI’s Information Technology Solutions segment, and has offices in North American and Europe. Modcomp provides solutions and services for complex IT environments including disaster recovery, mobility, managed services, security, data center management, and collaboration. More information about CSP, Inc. is available at cspiweb.staging.wpengine.com.

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