CSPi Expands Global Channel Partner Portfolio with Introduction of Myricom nVoy Cyber Threat Visibility and Data Capture Solution

Boston, Mass., May 16, 2017 – CSPi Inc. (NASDAQ: CSPi), a provider of Ethernet-based security products, advanced managed security, and IT technology security services, today announces the addition of the Myricom® nVoy Solution to CSPi’s Myricom Global Channel Partner Program. The nVoy Solution includes the Myricom nVoy Series 10Gbit Packet Recorder and Myricom nVoy Series 1-100Gbit Packet Broker.
CSPi is widely known in the security industry for its Myricom ARC Series of adapter cards, which perform network security monitoring, and are used by the worlds leading organizations in the battle against cyber terrorism. With the addition of the nVoy series, CSPi is further assisting security resources in fast, accurate event driven automated incident response by quickly isolating, capturing, recording and providing quick access to all suspicious activity against their most critical data such as PII or intellectual property.
“With over 50 years of information technology experience and expertise with federal IT contracting, Meadowgate is committed to bringing the optimal technology solutions and services to our government customers,” stated Brian Cooleen, VP Sales, Meadowgate Technologies. “We are proud to be a distribution partner for CSPi’s Myricom products. Myricom is the preferred security technology solution for our customers that have very demanding, high-performance and mission-critical applications.”
With the introduction of the nVoy series to this esteemed group of 150+ global partners, the company is empowering partners to help customers realize nVoy’s true benefits by offering:

  • Product Beta and Loaner program: Channel partners have early access to products for evaluations.
  • Technical Support and Training: CSPi’s channel team tailors training programs on the company’s easy to understand and simple to deploy solutions to enable partners to be successful.
  • Marketing Support: Channel partners receive marketing support through website promotion, as well as sales enablement tools.

“CSPi’s established Global Partner Program acts as an extension of our organization. Through collaboration and integration, we work to provide our partners with the best tools to drive their success,” said Alan Taub, Senior Director, Channel Sales, CSPi. “With the addition of the nVoy Series to our portfolio, we are confident that the partners and customers will share in our excitement bringing this solution to security customers.

The Myricom nVoy Series can be dropped into any existing security infrastructure. Utilizing the capabilities of nVoy dramatically changes the approach to detecting and verifying threats against critical data. This approach enables security resources to go beyond the meta data provided by alert logs to a complete scope of the attack at the data level. This is crucial in fulfilling compliance requirements for data privacy laws such as NIST, GDPR, and PCI DSS.

The Myricom nVoy Series Packet Recorder helps security ops engineers address such issues as compliance, data forensics, and real-time threat mitigation. The nVoy Series also offers a range of security benefits, including the ability to:

  • Capture 10Gbit of data, at full line rate, with no impact to application performance
  • Automatically fetch specific packet data conversations triggered by intrusion detection alerts
  •  Meet strict data privacy compliance specifications and tightening notification periods.
  • Index and extract specific data conversations through an easy-to-use, web interface

The nVoy Packet Broker powerful filtering and replication capabilities allow end users to direct the network traffic flows that customers are interested in.

  • Easily aggregate, replicate, tag, 5 tuple filter and load-balance network traffic coming to or from any ports
  • Protect organizations investments as your network grows in performance
  • Reduces what has to be captured indexed and searched in its companion nVoy Packet Recorder

To learn more about the Myricom nVoy Series visit: cspiweb.staging.wpengine.com/nvoy

About CSPi
CSPi (NASDAQ:CSPI) maintains two distinct and dynamic divisions – High Performance Products and Technology Solutions – with a shared vision for technology excellence. CSPi’s High Performance Products division offers extreme-performance Ethernet products for diverse applications, including cybersecurity, financial trading, content creation/distribution, storage networking applications, as well computer signal processing systems. CSPi’s Technology Solutions division provides innovative technology solutions for network solutions, wireless & mobility, unified communications & collaboration, data center solutions, advanced security, along with professional and managed services across those technology focus areas. CSPi Technology Solutions works with the world’s leading IT software and infrastructure companies to create solutions for the unique IT requirements of its customers. For more information, please visit cspiweb.staging.wpengine.com.

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