CSPi Announces Myricom nVoy Cyber Threat Visibility and Data Capture Solution

Provides security architects an innovative, cost-effective means to protect business’ most critical data

Boston, Mass., February, 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – CSPi Inc. (NASDAQ: CSPi), a provider of managed security and IT technology security services and packet capture solutions, today announces availability of Myricom nVoy Series 10Gbit Packet Recorder and Myricom nVoy Series 1-100Gbit Packet Broker.  The nVoy Series gives security teams the ability to isolate and closely monitor access to data that most matters to their organizations, such as personally identification information (PII) or intellectual property (IP).

With cyber breaches on the rise and new compliance regulations being instituted, such as NIST, NERC and GDPR, it is crucial for security architects to assemble a security infrastructure that is affordable, scalable and provides timely access to suspicious activity.

The nVoy Series is uniquely suited to address these requirements:

  • Lossless data capture indexing and recording
  • Deployable in networks from 1-100GBps
  • On-demand access to captured data for analysis
  • Seamless integration with all firewalls, IDS or forensic tools

“One of the most exciting benefits of the nVoy Series is how easy it is to set-up,” said Gary Southwell, General Manager of Myricom business at CSPi, Inc. “With just a few minutes of effort, security teams have a fully functional threat visibility and data capture solution, improving the ability to detect critical threats while minimizing the OPEX for managing and maintaining it.  This is a departure from traditional approaches where you had to be a network expert, as well as a security expert to deploy such solutions.”

The nVoy Packet Broker makes it easy to aggregate, replicate, tag, strip, filter and load-balance network traffic coming to or from any of its ports. Through these capabilities, nVoy protects your investment as your network grows in performance. The product’s powerful filtering and replication capabilities allow end users to direct the network traffic flows that customers are interested in –such as specific traffic at risk – thereby reducing what has to be captured indexed and searched in its companion nVoy Packet Recorder.

The nVoy Packet Recorder provides dropless, pcap data recording and on-the-fly indexing when running any IDS applications and/or forensic tools. As the pcap functions are off-loaded from the host CPU onto the integrated Myricom 10Gig network adapter, nVoy frees up host CPU capacity. Infact even tools like Splunk can be run cost-effectively on the nVoy Packet Recorder appliance to search through the captured data.  The ability to ingest just what you makes it much more cost-effective than ever before.

CSPi will be exhibiting at RSA and can be found in booth: N3124.

To learn more about the Myricom nVoy Series visit: http://cspiweb.staging.wpengine.com/ethernet-products/integrated-solutions/

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