CSPi Announces the ARIA Software Defined Security Platform

Delivers Innovative Approach for
Cost-effectively Deploying Advanced Security Services within Any Environment

Boston, Mass., Nov 9 2017 – CSPi (NASDAQ: CSPi), a provider of advanced security products and security services, as well as IT technology managed services, today announced its newest security solution, ARIA™ Software Defined Security. CSPi’s ARIA SDS platform is the only security technology that can achieve uncompromised enterprise wide security by making an organization’s critical data impenetrable to breaches. This patent pending approach of making breaches irrelevant brings balance to the requirement to maintain the consistent application of security policies and data protection within a traditional IT infrastructure with the desire for more agile and flexible DevOps practices.  The ARIA solution works with any enterprise infrastructure, is easy to deploy and costs 10x less than other server host based encryption solutions.

CSPi’s ARIA SDS solution is unique because it automatically secures both containerized and VM deployments as they spawn. It is implemented through a series of lightweight software defined security instances (SDSi), which work within containers or VMs in all environments – on-premise, private data center, or public cloud – to work with the applications running within. The ARIA solution will provide a variety of advanced services, such as VM/container image verification, micro-segmentation and encryption services to protect the applications and the data produced. Applications can leverage these services by novice developers that merely connect to them. Aria will be rolled out over the next several quarters.

“Our ARIA Software Defined Security solution provides the critical functionality needed for complete data security within a fully virtualized world,” said Gary Southwell, General Manager, CSPi Cyber Security Products. “Organizations need to shift their focus from avoiding breaches to making applications and data impenetrable to breaches.  Aria automatically, and uniformly, applies the appropriate encryption policies, whether by application, device, and/or data type accessed anywhere, under any use, and at any time.”

The ARIA orchestrator automatically discovers the SDSi and manages the application of the appropriate type and level of security services upon deployment. The central execution, across an entire organization, using a single pane of glass, ensures the desired access controls, micro-segmentation, encryption service types and levels, and other service techniques are correctly applied – no matter where the applications are running- whether it’s on premises or the public cloud or anywhere in between.

Organizations can obtain higher server and application performance by offloading CPU intensive security functions, such as encryption, authentication, and intrusion prevention onto CSPi’s Myricom® ARC Series Secure Intelligent Adapter (SIA) which then runs the desired ARIA security services. This 10/25 intelligent network interface card also securely stores the encryption keys which keeps the keys safe from exposure if the host server is breached. Storing the keys in this manner solves a critical flaw in current encryption techniques – if a server is breached during data encryption processing, the keys are readable allowing the intruder to access any application data running on any device.

CSPi’s ARIA Software Defined Security solution has created quite a stir in the security market, earning several awards recognizing the need for a solution that takes a proactive and holistic approach to data and network security.

To learn more about CSPi’s ARIA Software Defined Security solution visit: http://cspiweb.staging.wpengine.com/ARIA

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