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Success for our customers in network security and financial trading depends upon taking actions on critical data within incredibly small time intervals and with absolutely zero packet loss. Our users face huge technical challenges associated with capturing and then reacting quickly to packets buried within the unrelenting streams of data moving through their networks. To meet those demands our Myricom ARC Series of Ethernet adapters are purpose-built and optimized for industry-leading performance.

Craig Lund, General Manager, Ethernet Adapters

Our customers continually navigate a shifting IT landscape, seeking the best ways to architect and manage their computing environment. With so many variables to oversee it is nearly impossible for them to both stay current technically and effectively maintain an existing infrastructure. We are a partner who extends the customer team, providing today’s best technology solutions while also anticipating future needs.

Victor Dellovo, CEO & General Manager, IT Managed Services

Today’s security threats come in many forms and attack along multiple vectors, making asset protection and brand reputation a primary concern to our customers. We are passionately committed to delivering the security they need, engaging with them to understand vulnerabilities and use our experts to craft the best solution from a portfolio of services.

Frank Putz, Managing Director, Security

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