Wireless & Mobility

Mobile devices are driving a wave of enhanced workforce productivity and better customer engagement. Knowing how to ride that wave safely is the challenge.

Creating a Scalable, Reliable and Secure Wireless Network Infrastructure

Today’s “bring your own device” (BYOD) environment presents an enterprise mobility management challenge to IT. Managing just the device is not enough; you also have to answer for the performance and availability of specific applications on those devices. And of course, you need to maintain the highest levels of security. CSPi can help you build a customized, end-to-end wireless network infrastructure with the scalability, reliability, and security to meet the demands of your BYOD environment.

Custom Solutions that Answer All of Your Mobility Needs

Mobility touches every part of the business. Whether you need to enable better customer engagement via mobile-enabled business intelligence or supercharge workforce productivity with highly available and high-performance mobile access to applications and information—or both—your network needs to be able to support your efforts. CSPi offers a range of secure, high-performing wireless and mobility solutions that increase employee productivity and efficiency. Our industry experience allows us to customize a best-of-breed mobile solution that is just right for your needs.

Balance Security with Accessibility

A critical component of mobility is security. In the wired world, you knew exactly who was getting onto the network, but when you’re broadcasting a wireless signal, you need to work harder to protect it. This level of protection requires advanced technologies that keep data safe while giving users enough flexibility to perform their jobs. Our experience as a global leader in security makes us ideally suited for enterprise-wide, industry-leading, mobility deployments.

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