Advanced Security

With the growing use of mobile devices and cloud-based applications, securing vital data has never been more challenging. Engage with Security experts to protect your data and your business.

Managing Risks and Threats to Your IT Infrastructure

As applications become increasingly complex and move into the cloud, it’s critical to have proper processes and policies in place to protect your data, no matter where it resides. At the same time, governments worldwide are committed to ensuring information security, making your organization subject to a growing array of compliance requirements. CSPi understands security requirements on a global scale. Our security experts will carefully assesses your requirements and objectives – and your infrastructure – to deliver a customized, end-to-end solution that will protect your valuable business data, safeguard productivity, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Security Know-how Across Consulting and Analysis, Implementation and Managed Services

A typical IT environment has multiple network access points, including wireless LAN, web portals, FTP and email servers, and end-user platforms such as mobile devices, instant messaging, and file sharing applications. To mitigate the risks introduced by these access points, IT must ensure that they are all protected with the same level of security as the corporate network. As a global expert in networking technology, CSPi has deep knowledge and expertise in every one of these areas, so you can count on us to create a comprehensive plan protect your network more effectively—including ongoing monitoring and auditing to maintain your defined level of security and privacy.

Your Partner in Government Regulations and Compliance

Governments around the world continuously pass laws designed to protect sensitive information, leading to confusing array of regulations that affect every industry in every country. Your organization is likely subject to comply with multiple laws governing information security, privacy, and accountability, including HIPPA, SOX, GLBA, and the ever-evolving EU General Data Protection Regulation. CSPi regulation and compliance experts stay on top of changes in data protection laws around the world, so that we can help you maintain compliance.

Protecting Your Business from Threats Without Sacrificing Network Performance

Besides deliberate outside attacks, your own employees may unwittingly threaten your network by opening email viruses, running bandwidth- hungry applications, or accessing the wrong websites. CSPi Technology Solutions can offer solutions to help protect your business from threats, regulate network traffic and keep your critical applications running – without sacrificing network performance.

Our Hired Hacker Service (HHS) will assess and penetrate your current infrastructure to unveil potential weaknesses within not only your network, but also your entire workforce. Through risk evaluation, pen-testing, web auditing and social engineering, our Certified Ethical Hackers will uncover and remediate potential threats to your organization. While intrusions and hackers become more sophisticated, the question becomes “can you afford not to invest in the protection of your assets?”

Consult with us to mitigate risk and protect your IT infrastructure.