Managed IT Services

Efficient IT is critically important but shouldn’t take your focus off the core business. CSPi can take on the IT management burden and free you up to do what you do best.

Focus on Your Business, Not Your IT Network

IT infrastructure is critical to your business; any downtime impacts your revenue and puts employee productivity and customer satisfaction at risk. Still, you can’t help thinking that IT is there to support your operations; it shouldn’t suck up huge blocks of executive time or take your focus off the core business.

Constantly Evolving Complexity and 24×7 Uptime

Part of the IT management challenge is constantly evolving complexity, driven by competitive pressures and the need to reach new customers with new services. Our web-based world demands applications that synthesize information in many forms and from many sources, then connect that information to a huge range of mobile devices.

Another piece of the challenge is the need to be always on, 24×7. Dealing with software fixes, upgrades and backups becomes a constant struggle.

It takes dedicated resources and specialized expertise to maintain IT efficiency in the face of these demands.

CSPi’s Vital Solution – A Portfolio of Managed IT Services

CSPi has a proven solution that transfers the IT management burden to our team of technology and support experts. Our Vital™ Managed IT Services is a portfolio of offering; you select the plan that matches your situation. Services include:

  • Server/Desktop/Printer Management and Monitoring
  • Network Management and Monitoring
  • Managed Wireless Services
  • Managed Voice Services
  • Managed and Hosted Backup
  • Cloud Services
  • Staff Augmentation
Vital Managed IT Services

Get Your IT on Track with Vital Managed Services


Increase Efficiency and Staff Availability

Organizations that manage IT themselves typically have much longer research, development, and implementation cycles which increases cost. Our Managed Services team will enable your full time IT resources to focus on strategic IT business initiatives and projects instead of worrying about daily IT management tasks.

A Comprehensive One-Vendor Solution at a Lower Monthly Cost

CSPi Vital Managed IT Services are based on a strategic ongoing partnership with your company, and are built on industry standards and total alignment to your core business goals. They are delivered with excellence for one monthly fee. Outsourcing Managed IT Services to CSPi Technology Solutions provides significant savings over implementing and maintaining an internal IT infrastructure, and frees up your technology team to focus on strategic business initiatives.

Options for Every Need and Budget

The CSPi comprehensive Vital Managed IT Services Portfolio encompasses three tiers of package options: Vital View for continuous oversight of your critical systems, Vital Plus, for improved performance and productivity, and Vital Elite, which is a complete, customizable outsourcing solution. This comprehensive portfolio is designed to provide a significant reduction in down time with real-time resolution of incidents, more satisfied customers and employees, and a leaner and more productive IT support staff.

Our Promise


Any downtime in your IT infrastructure impacts your company’s revenue, and puts productivity and customer satisfaction at risk. In today’s ever¬-evolving and competitive marketplace, we know it is imperative for our customers to stay one step ahead of the competition. With the assistance of CSPi Technology Solutions managed IT services, your team can leverage our people, processes, and tools to ensure your core business systems are always operational and always optimized. Please contact us today to start customizing your IT solution.

  • One monthly fee for total IT Managed Services support.
  • A strategic ongoing partnership built on industry standards and total alignment to your core business goals.
  • A comprehensive solution to manage devices, networks, desktops, security, data, and users.
  • A support plan tailored to meet the needs of your business with a structured response and maintenance agreement.

Connect with our experts to develop IT solutions that matter.