Education is moving forward with the speed of the Internet. Our experts will engage with you to design and deploy a network for the next generation of on-line learning.

Changing Trends in How Education is Delivered

Your students are preparing to compete in a fast-paced world. They are already adept at finding and extracting what they want on the Internet. Now educational institutions are using Internet-connected tablets and laptops to deliver coursework, commentary and counsel, enabling a rich infusion of personalized, on-demand learning.

Energizing Education with Reliable, Secure and Scalable Networks

Your faculty has a vast wealth of knowledge; with the right applications they can use that knowledge to create a vibrant, interactive on-line curriculum. But first you need the solid base they can build on, a network that is secure, reliable and scalable. That means everything from Wi-Fi with seamless access across your campus to robust firewalls protecting sensitive data.

CSPi’s Experienced Team Will Help You Make It Happen

We’ve helped a broad range of colleges, universities and K-12 systems make the leap to a new generation of on-line education. Our experts know the apps and the networking; we have architects who will work with you to design a customized solution and field personnel who can efficiently deploy the components. Recently we helped an institution deploy a new network to support 1800 tablets delivering an eCurriculum, giving each student a personal portal to drive their own learning experience.

Learn about the ways you can deliver educational greatness.