Monitor Your World.

Gain 360 insight into your infrastructures security level.

The CSPi Globe Appliance uses geoinformation data to form a visual representation of your network events and display them as a 3D global map. To enable this complete view, we look for and track a variety of different event sources, for example, events from surroundings SIEM which attacks DDoS from the Internet against your Perimeter infrastructure represents.

Possible areas of focus are:


  • Firewall Logs
  • IDS/IPS Logs
  • Virusprotection Logs
  • SIEM Systems (CEF Formats)


  • Apache or IIS Weblogs
  • Proxy Server
  • Order Tracking etc.


  • Upon request our engineers will implement output of your internal application.
There are many other application scenarios from which a visual representation can benefit. For example, NOCs and SOCs, as well as service and Application Monitoring teams. However, the Globe can also be used just around commercial processes to visualize and identify gaps in the market or Opportunities.

One complete Monitoring -Solution

An implementation uses many different components with varie tasks, on the one hand, the aim is to collect a diverse amount of information and to streamline, as well as centralize to utilize the minimum necessary data needed for the necessary intelligent correlation, analysis procedure, and finally, to recognize potential weak spots and threats

Globe Reference Architektur
Globe Reference Architektur

Here you find a short video which explains the Globe functions


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