Cyber Security Check

Your Recipe Against Cyber Crime


Over the years, Cybercrimes have increased exponentially. These criminals often target encoded private or enterprise critical data, such as patient or administrative data. Afterwards the victims of these attacks are held ransom and data is not reinstated until payment is received. These attacks can be devastating causing not only a financial, but serious damage to a company’s reputation.
The Ransomware spreads by the user downloading attachments, and clicking links often found in spam emails. As long as a computer is infected, the ransom demand is displayed, essentially locking the network and the only way to receive the decryption key is to pay the ransom. While this may work in the short term the companies remain vulnerable to follow on attacks.

What steps can you take?

Companies can implement a number of tactics to secure their critical business resources:

  1. Software updates:

    Deploying the latest version of software can provide protection from security gaps.

  2. Filter emails:

    A majority of defective Spams can be filtered by the Scan of mails.

  3. User awareness:

    End users should be trained on how to spot potentially damaging emails and refrain from opening

  4. Utilize Endpoint-Security:

    The installation of anti-virus software and other tools can protect end user computers from a variety of viruses.

  5. Internet Security gateways:

    Also by a simple browsing time goods on the PC can get. Networks can be protected with appropriate gateways against such dangers.

  6. Performing Backups:

    Business critical data should be backup on regular intervals. Certainly, this will not protect the company from an attack, but it will reduce the impact of data loss.

  7. Document infrastructure design:

    Having a configuration of the network configuration, as well as consistent auditing will enable systems administration to recognize anomalies and potential vulnerabilities.

  8. Emergency plan:

    Establish a plan of emergency actions to take to hopefully stop an attack, but in all likelihood to speed the recovery process and mitigate the damage.

All these measures must be a part of a security plan which is continually reviewed and evolved over time to meet the business needs. This is where the utilization of a security expert may be helpful.

CSPi security offerings:

With CSPi security services, you have the ability to execute a Cyber Security check on your infrastructure, as well as monitor effectiveness of your security measures. We offer tests on the basis of different national and international frame works, e.g., ISO 27001, basic protection IT, CobiT, sure IT-Operation and apply this to the network area or level selected by you.

We employ a step-by-step recipe to evaluate your requirements and provide the best solution for your company’s situation:

  1. Engagement

    Once the proper paperwork is in place, the management team and system administrators begin laying out project details.

  2. Discovery

    In a kick-off meeting we discuss not only your needs and requirements, but solidify the approach method, schedule and contact partner.

  3. Regulation of the Cyber Security

    Its exposition to a risk assessment for the IT infrastructure to be judged is determined the Cyber-Security-Exposition.

  4. Proposal and Documentation

    A test plan is documented and serves as a project outline with a view of the tasks, the organization, the IT infrastructure and business critical equipment, as well as data.

  5. Test Preparations

    The test plan and approach is finalized and internal processes are put in place to conduct the actual testing.

  6. Testing

    With the framework in place the CSPi team holds detailed interviews and all identified IT systems are inspected and documented.

  7. Report

    The Cyber Security test concludes with a judgement report. We show the vulnerabilities and recommend measures to remediate. In addition, we recommend other measures to further improve your overall infrastructure security.

We offer our Cyber Security check solution at fixed price.

Let us be your cyber security check solution.