Detect, Design and Deploy Smart Factory Security Solutions


Today’s Smart Factory is hugely efficient but also vulnerable to cyber-attack. CSPi has experts in industrial control security who can assess and address your risks. Designing a networked set of systems for both efficiency and security isn’t easy. CSPi can create the design and then deploy it across your company.

Physical Isolation was a Barrier to Cyber-attacks

If you’re responsible for a large industrial or utility plant, you know all about high availability demands. And you are well aware that, until recently, the computerized monitoring and control system assuring that availability was isolated within the plant, protecting it from cyber-attack. But now that protection is largely gone.

Smart Factories, the Internet of Things and New Threats

The interlinking of IT and real-time plant controls has changed the industrial landscape. Sometimes referred to as Industry 4.0, this combination of technologies uses an intelligent Internet of Things and sophisticated software to enable new levels of efficiency and precision. Unfortunately, it also makes these modern Smart Factories vulnerable to a wide range of hacking threats.

Keeping Customers (and Regulators) Happy

You’ve got a huge customer base, which translates into a huge database, with profile and usage information on every account. That data doesn’t just drive your operations, it is key to customer service and essential for regulatory compliance. You need a data center systems, a network and unified communications to support all those functions, while also protecting the data against constant threats.

Today’s Network Should be Flexible, Adaptable and Secure

Your next network design must deliver unified communications capability, so authorized users can access what they need with a range of methods and mobile devices. The design must be able to grow and accept new technologies. And it has to provide rock solid security for all the data, all the time.

CSPi’s Team Has the Expertise and Experience You Need

CSPi’s Security engineers and Solution architects will engage with your team to understand the needs and requirements, from your data center to mobile devices, the communications that link them and the security environment that protects it all. Then, using experience gathered from dozens of projects, they will develop a design optimized for your situation. Seamlessly, the project transitions to deployment, with CSPi putting in place all the Security and Network components to make the new network a vital Security structure for your organization.

Talk to Us about your Security requirements and we’ll help find an optimized solution.