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Today’s IT Networks are Tremendously Flexible – and Hugely Vulnerable

Your IT network is no longer a self-contained system with some clearly defined connections to the outside. Today your network is hugely complex and constantly evolving, intersecting in countless ways with partner, supplier and customer networks, as well as a world-wide cloud of applications and data storage. This fluid structure enables tremendous operational flexibility but it also opens up gaping security holes, leaving your core business vulnerable to cyber threats.

The range of these security threats expands on a daily basis. There is no simple, one-size-fits-all solution. The prudent choice is to engage with security experts who can assess your situation and implement a customized set of robust security solutions.

Network Monitoring and Packet Capture While Optimizing Access

Monitoring and analyzing your network data it is paramount. So is optimizing the network it runs over, so that users can get fast access to the tools and information they need to drive your success. CSPi Myricom ARC Series network adapters for packet capture provide a key piece of the data protection and accessibility puzzle. Providing zero loss packet sniffing and injection as well as support for the libpcap library our network adapters can be used for many applications designed to protect and optimize your network, including surveillance, DDoS attacks, packet inspection, firewalls, network monitoring and analysis, and test and measurement.

CSPi Means a Secure IT Network

CSPi has a highly successful track record addressing the security issues of large corporations and mid-size companies. Our experts can deliver Full Service Security, with offerings that range from audits and analysis to implementation of security tools and practices and even the management of a Security Operation Center (SOC).

Discover ways to secure your valuable network infrastructure.