Secure DevOps Across Any Environment

Gain critical functionality needed for complete enterprise-wide data security within a fully virtualized world.



The sense of urgency businesses feel to move operations to a more scalable, agile DevOps model is real and gaining momentum. However, it is unlikely, nor should it be expected that the application developers be security experts. Their job is to code and create business applications that generate a positive return on operations – not ensure the right encryption or security policy is applied.

On the other end of the spectrum, it is the InfoSec teams’ responsibility to keep the enterprise secure. Yet, the DevOps model increases the potential for application vulnerabilities that can explode by several orders of magnitude. There is no way that the traditional vulnerability scanning can keep up, or identify everything.

This is causing security teams to search for a comprehensive, yet simple solution to secure enterprise-wide data while also complying with data privacy regulations.

CSPi’s ARIA SDS solution and the Myricom ARC Series SIA improves server performance and enables efficient and effective centralized security management – all while having little to no impact on business operations. Security teams can implement the right security for their critical data, allowing rapid scale, deployment, and management of their business data, whether it is on-premise or any public cloud.


Fast, Effective Incident Response


ARIA Software Defined Security

  • Secure and encrypt containers and/or VMs as they spawn
  • Automatic, centralized control and management
  • Deploy with any application or SDDC architecture
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Myricom ARIA Secure Intellignet Adapter

Myricom ARC Series Secure Intelligent Adapter

  • Impenetrable encryption key storage and execution
  • Offload advanced security features with negligible use of CPU cores
  • Multi-port 10/25G NIC capability
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Employ a solution that suites your business security needs.