Secure DevOps

Secure DevOps for True Application Security

The DevOps methodology can dramatically improve the velocity and effectiveness of application development. Yet, security is not a part of the DevOps approach, exposing the organization to data breaches and making it difficult to comply with data privacy regulations.

Addressing this gap via “shifting left” or “patching as you go” aren’t effective strategies. Developers are code wizards, not security experts, so it could take a great deal of time for them to learn the necessary skills. Application patching can leave companies vulnerable for long periods of time between the discovery of the vulnerability and the application of the patch

It is time for “SecDevOps,” where security is built in to the beginning of the process.

CSPI’s ARIA SDS platform makes this possible with a simple automated approach to protect any organization’s critical data, including PII/PHI, on-premise and in public clouds, no matter if is in use, in transit, or at rest.


Fast, Effective Incident Response


ARIA SDS Platform

  • Secure and encrypt containers and/or VMs as they spawn, on-premise, or in private data centers or public cloud instances
  • Automatically apply the appropriate contextually aware security policies
  • Ensure the desired access controls, micro-segmentation, encryption, and other service techniques are correctly applied
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Myricom ARIA Secure Intellignet Adapter

Myricom ARC Series Secure Intelligent Adapter

  • Impenetrable encryption key storage and execution
  • Offload advanced security features with negligible use of CPU cores
  • Multi-port 10/25G NIC capability
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ARIA SDS Advanced Security Services

ARIA SDS Applications

  • Secure targeted applications and data
  • Scalable deployment to meet enterprise needs
  • Easy set-up and management through central orchestrator architecture
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Employ a solution that suites your business security needs.