OEM Solutions

Speed time-to-market with purpose built solutions developed with OEMs in Mind

OEMs need to obtain higher-level of performance and scalability than standard servers and appliances can provide. To reduce time-to-market and risk, look to partner with companies for the latest technologies, such as intelligent network adapters that can provide high-speed IO, as well as the ability to off-load critical processes.

One of the most important requirements is that any new adapter must work within their Intel x86 server environment not only for seamless integration but to also off-load critical computation tasks in order to free up server cores and optimize the main application functions. This is a critical for OEMs that run applications that are processor taxing such as analytics generation, block-chain, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) processing, crypto-mining, encryption task handling and real-time threat detection and prevention.

By leveraging the secured arm core on the intelligent adapter key processes are protected from breaches including the handling and validation of credentials. In other cases the entire application set can be run within the hardware optimized ARM core processor, which is able to securely run just about any Linux based application.

Our Myricom line of 10/25G Gb PCIe adapters have proven to be a top choice for OEMs as they are an ideal solution for application off-load and provide a rich SDK all in a cost-effective package.

The advanced capabilities found in CSPi’s Myricom Adapters are an ideal solution:
  • Fully API driven, rich set of controllable attributes – packaged in a an easy to use SDKs – for all applications including our patented services orchestrator
  • Secure trust zone for credential or crypto key processingFeed threat tools the right data (and better data) to quickly scope and validate a threat
  • Hardened processing environment to securely run Linux OS and applications
  • White label – any of our tool sets, applications, including our services orchestrator
  • White label – hardened microservices architecture that can run distributed across the intelligent adapters and X86 hosts

Solutions for OEMs:


Myricom ARC Series:

Provides a high throughput, low-latency network interface, with extremely accurate timestamping at line rate, full packet capture with zero packet loss, all in a cost-effective package.

Myricom SIA:

Provides between 16-24 high-speed ARM cores, 32Gb of DDR4, and an open environment for a secured Linux OS capable of running your applications. Further optimize your applications on the adapter card itself by leveraging our SDK and tools to build, integrate and secure your solution.

Myricom SDS Orchestrator:

Provides central control and management of your distributed applications including fully automated provisioning, and SaaS license management. Take advantage of our fully integrated white-label appliances to run our white-labeled applications alongside yours.

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