Packet Capture

Monitor and Protect Your Network with Dropless Packet Capture

In the digital age, your data is your business. Monitoring and analyzing it is paramount. So is optimizing the network it runs over, so that users can get fast access to the tools and information they need to drive your success. CSPi’s Myricom ARC Series of 10 GbE network adapters, with Sniffer10G for packet capture, provide a key piece of the data protection and accessibility puzzle.

They deliver zero loss packet sniffing and injection as well as support for the libpcap, WinPcap and PF_Ring libraries. Our network adapters optimize the performance of applications designed to protect and optimize your network, including surveillance, defense against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, packet inspection, firewalls, network monitoring and analysis, and test and measurement.

Secure your network

Sniffer10G, a tightly integrated combination of FPGA firmware and software, allows you to protect the network using both passive capture and active (inline) capture. Passive capture allows you to watch network traffic to head off attacks, as well as collect data for later analysis. Inline capture is used for security appliances, which capture, inspect, and transmit packets coming into your network. Sniffer10G’s 100% lossless packet capture and unique transmit capabilities make it an invaluable resource in the fight against cyber attacks.

Leverage an open source solution

CSPi is committed to helping you leverage the flexibility of open source solutions. In addition to our own powerful API, Myricom ARC Series network adapters support the standard libpcap, WinPcap and PF_Ring libraries. This gives you out-of-the-box compatibility with a host of open source applications like Bro IDS, Suricata, tcpdump, Snort and Wireshark with no need to recompile.

Myricom ARC Series Solutions for Packet Capture

  • E-Class
  • Advanced functions including merge, filter and load balance
  • Time synch capability with nanosecond accuracy
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