Hired Hacker

A security breach has both immediate and long term costs. CSPi’s Hired Hacker Service is a proactive, multi-dimensional approach that protects your IT systems and your business.

Data Breaches Can Cost You Millions

It’s no secret that a security breach could cost you big time, with an immediate impact from lost business and longer term issues from a damaged image. Cyber-attacks are now commonplace, with the range of threats constantly expanding.

Securing Data Assets is Critical to Your Business

Data security is critical to your business; so is the trust of customers and partners. Can you afford not to invest in the protection of your IT assets?

Proactive Protection

CSPi’s Hired Hacker Service assesses and penetrates your current infrastructure to unveil potential weaknesses within not only your network, but also your workforce. Our proven services will:

  • Increase the security of your infrastructure
  • Increase the security of your web-applications
  • Identify weak spots and entry points in your environment
  • Assess and evaluate current IT security parameters and policies
  • Develop a comprehensive action report to mitigate future risk

Looking at Security from Every Angle

Every IT system offers multiple points of entry for attackers. The Hired Hacker Service seeks out vulnerabilities wherever they exist, using four functions.

  • Risk Evaluation
  • Penetration Tests
  • Website Auditing
  • Social Engineering

Proactive Security

Understanding your risks and addressing vulnerable areas is the prudent approach.

CSPi Hired Hackers hold Certified Ethical Hacker credentials (CEH)

Talk to us about how Hired Hacker can protect your data, applications and IT infrastructure.