Managed Services

Offload Selected Functions to a Team of Experts


Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business but you are challenged to manage, protect and upgrade it with minimal resources. CSPi’s IT experts will engage with your team to take on the functions you need to offload. With experience gathered from dozens of projects, they can be plugged into projects when and where you need them.

We offer support for a range of functions, including:
Vital™ Managed Services

Efficient IT is critically important but shouldn’t take your focus off the core business. CSPi can take on the IT management burden and free you up to do what you do best.

Hired Hacker

A security breach has both immediate and long term costs. CSPi’s Hired Hacker Service is a proactive, multi-dimensional approach that protects your IT systems and your business.

Reach your potential with services that foster heightened performance.