Myricom nVoy Series 10Gbit Packet Recorder

Packet Recorder

Droplessly Record and Index 10Gbit Network Traffic for Full Scope Forensic Analysis

Quickly validate an alert as well as determine the scope of the breach in order to perform detailed forensic analysis on what matters most – your most critical data.

How It Works

The nVoy Packet Recorder allows quick access, and replay from its timestamped, searchable index. Analysts can obtain a 360° view of any incident, targeting identified critical assets, triggered by an organizations firewall or IDS, and automatically extract recordings of the entire conversation. This detailed recorded data is crucial in fulfilling external audits, legal case evidence or PII data privacy regulations such as PII, GDPR, PCI DSS, NIST, and SCADA.



Key Features:

  • 2 capture ports; 1 or 10Gbit
  • 24 x 1.2 TB storage with optional expansion
  • On the fly indexing and compression/decompression
  • Web interface configuration and management
  • 30ns timestamp accuracy

Automated Intrusion Alerts and Extraction

Myricom nVoy AIR

  • Ingests alert events directly from firewall or IDS system
  • Extracts all conversations between the identified devices
  • Pivot around events – backwards and forward in time – to see accessed data

Meet Data Privacy Regulations

  • Quickly answer regulatory compliance and cyber insurance requirements:
  1. What devices are involved and to what degree?
  2. When did the breach start and when did it end?
  3. What critical databases or files were accessed?
  4. Who did the intruder talk to?

Cyber Forensic Analysis and Threat Mitigation

  • Run thorough forensic analysis, looking back or forward in time
  • Locate or isolate suspicious activity only associated with user defined critical assets
  • All recorded data saved for future analysis or sent to a sandbox environment
  • Dramatic reduced scope of data results in cost-savings on tool cost based on data ingested, like Splunk

Operate with maximum accountability and provability.