Incident Response

Avoid Compliance Fines and Improve Incident Response with Automated Breach Identification and Notification



CSPi’s Myricom nVoy series solutions ingest intrusion alerts generated by firewalls, IPS, or IDS and automatically matches them against specified critical assets.

After a verified breach, the nVoy solutions immediately dispatch an email containing a detailed report pinpointing the impacted or exposed records. By having this material as early in the process as possible, security teams can conduct extremely focused breach investigations, which can be concluded in hours versus days or weeks. This is critical for rapid incident response in in order to comply with data privacy regulations with especially stringent breach notification timelines, such as those found in HIPPA, PCI DSS, and GDPR.


Complete breach investigation and analysis in hours with easy-to-deploy solutions

Packet Recorder

Myricom nVoy Series 10Gbit Packet Recorder

  • Lossless 10G packet capture and recording at full line rate
  • Powerful and easy-to-use web-based interface
  • Continuous recording 365×7 of specified data
  • Capture, index, and timestamp all accesses and conversations between critical assets
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CISCO Security Technology Alliance Partner Fortinet AIR

Myricom nVoy Series AIR

  • Automatic validation and immediate notification of breaches against identified critical assets
  • Detailed reporting to meet tightening data privacy PII compliance deadlines, including impacted data
  • Integrated with industry-leading next-generation firewalls, such as Cisco FirePower and Fortinet Fortigate
  • Automatically generates detailed extraction file of specified data
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Packet Broker

Myricom nVoy Series 1-100 Gbit Packet Broker

  • Easy traffic aggregation, replication, load balancing, virtual wire, mirror and tap
  • Provides a powerful user interface for web-based configuration; no CLI to learn
  • Enables users to focus on specified traffic of interest at the application level, from a source, to a destination
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