Security Products

Innovative, Cost-Effective and Automated Security Solutions for Protecting Critical Assets Across Any Enterprise


With cyber breaches on the rise, it is crucial for organizations to deploy the right infrastructure for fast and complete critical asset protection. But most importantly it should be automated to alleviate as much manual effort as possible that is required for implementing enterprise-wide security policies, as well as decrease time of breach detection for rapid incident response.

CSPi has developed two security solutions for InfoSec and DevOps team to take the challenge of data breaches on head on.

With our ARIA Automated Enterprise-wide Security and nVoy Breach Identification customers experience:
  • 10x reduced cost of breach investigation
  • Detailed data breach analysis for compliance, audits and legal cases
  • Automated breach validation against intrusion alerts and critical assets
  • InfoSec teams achieve secure sourcing of containers and VMs
  • Automatic application of appropriate security policies on and off-prem
  • Application developers benefit from fool proof integrating of security services
Incident Response

The Myricom® nVoy Series, gives security teams not only a simple and scalable way to be immediately notified of cyber breaches against their critical assets. Our nVoy solution leverages the intrusion alerts being generated by your existing firewall, IDS, SIEM and other security equipment. With automated matching of alerts to critical assets incident investigation is not only focused but also effective as it will provide the evidentiary data needed to meet new PII data privacy compliance regulations, as well as legal pursuits

Secure DevOps

Our ARIA Software Defined Security (SDS) provides uncompromised enterprise-wide security by making data impenetrable to breaches and therefore making cyber attacks irrelevant. ARIA accomplishes this be automatically applying the appropriate security policies to both containerized and VM deployments as they spawn in all environments – on-premise, private data center, or public cloud – to work with the applications running within. The ARIA solution will provide a variety of advanced services, such as VM/container image verification, micro-segmentation and encryption services to protect the applications and the data produced.

Adapt to solutions that optimize your network performance.