Security Products

Protect Critical Assets from Cyber Attacks Across any Enterprise

Automated End-to-End Security for DevOps and Effective, Rapid Breach Response


With cyber breaches at an all-time high, and not going away any time soon, as well as the severe financial consequences for noncompliance of increasingly stringent data privacy regulations, it is crucial for organizations to do all they can to protect their critical assets.

This requires a different mindset, approach and tools to achieve not only enterprise-wide security, but to also remove the risk of noncompliance fines by making the data impenetratable for a highly focused breach response. To do this there must be a greater emphasis on automating processes to alleviate as much manual effort and uncertainty as possible.

CSPi offers a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions to conquer the complexities of end-to-end data protection and to avoid financial impact of data breaches:
  • The ARIA software-defined security (SDS) platform provides application developers and InfoSec resources with a powerful solution for complete SecDevOps protection – no matter where the data is stored, accessed, or used.
  • The Myricom nVoy solution automates data breach identification and notification for focused foolproof investigative and analysis – in hours.
  • Myricom ARC Series 1/10/25G network adapters enable dropless packet-level data capture required for rapid breach identification as well as the offloading of critical security features, like encryption.
Incident Response

The Myricom® nVoy Series provides the evidentiary data needed to meet new PII data privacy compliance regulations By leveraging the intrusion alerts generated by your existing firewall, IDS, SIEM, and other security equipment, the nVoy solution automatically verifies data breaches, dispatches an email notification and reports out on specific information about which critical assets were impacted. This enables the InfoSec team to begin the breach investigation process immediately and complete it in a matter of hours, not days, weeks or months later – rapid breach response and no compliance fines.


  • Detailed data breach analysis for compliance, audits, and legal cases
  • Automated breach validation against intrusion alerts and critical assets
  • Reduced cost of breach investigation – up to ten times less!
Secure DevOps

Our ARIA™ software-defined security (SDS) platform ensures a secure DevOps environment by giving app developers code-free tools for applying advanced security features. ARIA also automatically applies the appropriate security policies to both containerized and VM deployments as they spawn.

The ARIA solution offers a variety of advanced services, such as VM/container image verification, micro-segmentation, and encryption services to protect the applications and data –no matter where it is stored, accessed, or used. This innovative and patent-pending technology makes the inevitable data breach irrelevant by making data impenetrable or unusable to intruders.


  • Automatically apply appropriate security policies on and off-premises
  • InfoSec teams achieve secure sourcing of containers and VMs
  • Application developers benefit from simple integration of security services via connectors

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