Myricom nVoy Series 1-100 Gbit Packet Broker

Packet Broker

Aggregate, Filter, and Load Balance 1-100Gbit Network Traffic

The Myricom nVoy Series Packet Broker reduces the scope of breach investigation by placing the focus on critical, and/or highly regulated business data, including personal identifiable information (PII), and intellectual property (IP) critical for meeting data privacy regulatory compliance.


How It Works

By tapping into an organization’s network infrastructure, the nVoy Series Packet Broker allows IT and security professionals to easily isolate potential traffic of interest. These traffic flows can be filtered on a source IP address, a destination IP address, an application, a protocol, or any combination of these attributes. This data can be routed to your monitoring, security, or forensic tools, for detailed analysis.



Easy Configuration

  • Intuitive UI requires no CLI to learn
  • JSON API for set-up via a third-party or custom application

Leverage Existing Tools

  • Directly ingest traffic from existing network through tap or span port
  • Support for network speeds of 25-100Gbit with filtering and load-balancing capabilities


Construct a network that focuses on what matters most.