Automated Investigative Response

Automated Breach Identification and Notification of Cyber Breaches for Complete Incident Investigation – In Hours

The Myricom nVoy AIR application programmatically validates breaches and while the breach is happening notifies the appropriate teams. This powerful application for rapid incident investigation eliminates the need for manual intervention and removes the delay and financial risk associated with not – absolutely critical in meeting data privacy regulations such as GDPR, PCI DSS, and other US state laws.

How It Works

The Myricom nVoy Automated Investigative Response (AIR) application leverages the intrusion alerts generated by an organization’s firewalls, IDS/IPS and SIEMs and matches them against specified critical assets. Upon validation, an email notification is dispatched informing of the identified breach providing security resources a critical advantage in mitigating the impact of a data breach.

When paired with a packet recorder, such as the Myricom nVoy Series, the AIR application also triggers the recorder to generate an extract file containing the complete packet data of all the involved conversations. This provides the rock-solid, unalterable information needed to identify the exact data impacted and perform extremely detailed forensic analysis and rapid incident investigation.

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Benefits of Automated Investigative Response


Gain Complete Insight:

  • Quickly validate potential threats against critical assets
  • Understand full scope and identification of accessed data
  • Gain immediate access to all current and previous conversations
  • Continuous data recording, 365×7

Focus efforts, act faster:

  • Begin incident investigation upon breach alert – not after the fact
  • Trust automatic and immediate notification of alert against identified critical assets

Reduce Complexity:

  • Leverage event alerts from existing firewalls, SIEM and IDS systems
  • Remove manual processes, reduce risks and minimize resource investment
  • Record data only associated with critical assets

Effective Analysis:

  • Pivot around events to identify other critical assets that may have been exposed
  • Decrease reliance on third-party investigation consultants
  • Meet tightening data privacy PII compliance deadlines
  • Use extractions to identify origin of breach and future mitigation actions

Operate with maximum accountability and provability.