Enhanced Network Security

Stop East-West Network Threats with Simple, Yet Effective Detection

The majority of network traffic passes laterally through your infrastructure and never goes through a firewall. Now with CSPi’s security solutions for network security you can monitor all network activity, including east-west traffic, at full line rate, to detect potential network-born threats. Additionally, added intelligence performs automatic API-triggered actions necessary to stop threats. You can also automatically enforce and programmatically set policies such as micro-segmentation, compliance assurance, and data loss prevention.

ARIA SDS Helps You Make Smarter Security Decisions with Better Network Insights
  • Find and validate up to 80% more threats
  • Feed threat detection tools the right data to quickly scope and validate a network threat
  • Leverage leading SIEMs, IDS, IPS, and full-feature UEBA tools
  • Automate responses using SOAR and other detection tools
  • Perform automatic MDR as instructed by the SOC or detection tools
  • Achieve full threat detection performance at full wire rate

The Complete Enhanced Network Security Suite


ARIA SDS Enhanced Network Security Solutions
  • Improve the accuracy and efficiency of threat detection and remediation
  • Secure and protect critical data enterprise-wide
  • Comply with data-privacy regulations at the industry, national, and state level
ARIA Packet Intelligence Application
  • Monitors traffic and creates metadata to be fed to threat detection tools to visualize and detect the threats.
  • Takes automatic programmatic actions to disrupt threats as they are discovered to stop the damage
The nVoy Forensic Packet Recorder
  • Records important traffic streams, such as those sent from the Packet Intelligence application
  • Provides a forensic tool that can also be used to automatically verify breaches and their impact on critical assets
The Myricom Sniffer 10G
  • Captures packets off the wire, timestamps them, and then load balances into IDS/IPS host, allowing support of higher line rates
  • Works with Myricom ARC and SIA series to offload the functions to allow host servers to handle captured data to 10 and 25GB wire rates

Why is network security so challenging?

Forrester estimates that up to 80% of traffic is not monitored for threats as it moves laterally within an organization. With only 20% of traffic going through a firewall, it’s not surprising that many threats go undetected until the damage is done.

Monitor 80% more network traffic than your firewall. East-West movement is where the majority of threats occur, detect and stop threats before any damage occurs.

Better network visibility leads to better network security

ARIA SDS Immediately stops network policy violations and within minutes contains threats or data leaks

It is now easier for security professionals to monitor their network traffic in new, cost-effective ways, detecting all network born threats at full line rate.

With ARIA SDS, your existing security tools such as SIEMs, UEBA, and IPS/IDS are fed the right data to assist in detecting and stopping threats. In addition, added intelligence performs automatic API-triggered actions necessary to stop potential threats.

ARIA SDS can also enforce security policies such as stopping threats as detected, microsgementation, compliance assurance, and data loss prevention.

With ARIA, you have the right data to detect network-born threats.

Operate with maximum accountability and provability.