Data Protection

The Ultimate Protection from Cyberattacks – Breach-Proof Data

CSPi’s ARIA SDS applications for data protection enable organizations to simply and cost-effectively apply layers of protection to their critical business data while minimizing the impact on server or application performance. Central provisioning and activation can be done for one or one thousand instances, giving security resources the flexibility and scalability necessary for consistent network policy application and enforcement.

Keep high-value data safe with security-in-depth encryption
  • Protect at three layers: access prevention, encryption, and auto-breach detection
  • Encrypt in a cost-effective manner
  • Use simple crypto add-ons for third-party applications
  • Minimize, or eliminate, application performance degradation even with crypto activated
  • Automate breach detection with immediate notification when protected assets are accessed
  • Verify and prove data protection in place with full forensic capture and reporting

Data Protection Applications and Solutions


ARIA Packet Intelligence

Enhances network security capabilities by enabling the monitoring of all network communications, including east-west traffic

  • Network-independent micro-segmentation
  • Dynamic policy enforcement
  • Polices critical asset communications
Aria KMS

Provides a trusted execution environment for key-handling operations

  • Next-generation crypto key management
  • Secures application data output

Provides secure key management and crypto offloading

  • Unbreachable crypto execution
  • Secured wire-rate crypto offload
nVoy AIR Application

Automates breach validation and provides immediate notification

  • Automatically notifies if a breach is in process
  • Identify and report what data has been exposed during a breach

The Challenge:

With the escalation in the number and severity of data breaches, it’s clear that the standard security tools and best practices for threat detection, mining, and breach prevention aren’t working. Therefore, organizations need to plan for the worst and prioritize the protecting of high-value data, such as PII/PHI, no matter where it resides, is accessed, or is used.

The Solution:

CSPi’s ARIA SDS applications for data protection enable Security-in-Depth best practices, allowing organizations to apply layers of protection including microsgementation to protect what connects to critical applications.

In addition, activating highly effective encryption practices do not impact server or application performance. The ARIA SDS solution scales with the ability to generate and manage thousands of unique encryption keys–in minutes!– at the data and/or application level. This way, if a breach does occur, all critical data is unreadable.

Improve your application security