Cyber Visibility and Security Services

Effective network visibility is critical for service providers and MSOs

Service providers and multiple system operators (MSO), have unique challenges and concerns when it comes to cyberattack detection and prevention. With the network truly being the lifeblood of the organization, it’s imperative that it’s fully secure and protected.

Success hinges upon having full visibility into what’s happening in the network. But proper visibility goes well beyond circuit availability and performance-based SLAs. Effective network visibility provides the ability to detect policy issues and cyber threats—to protect and prevent service-impacting issues.

In addition, with the right solution, this level of visibility and protection can be offered as a high-value service to end customers with minimal operational impact and no effort once deployed.

Prevent service-impacting issues from cyberattacks.



Carrier-class cyber-visibility and control

    CSPi’s ARIA SDS solution is a carrier-class platform providing the next generation of packet- and flow-level monitoring as well as control capabilities. Not only is ARIA built to carrier specifications, but it is also on top of a hardened military-grade infrastructure, allowing for a cost-effective approach to widespread packet-level monitoring for layer 3, 4, and 7 visibility.

    Aria SDS Provides the following benefits:

    • Line-rate monitoring and classification
    • Complete conversation-level visibility with flow and application ID metadata
    • Enables users to conduct deeper analysis with copies of individual device- or group-level conversations
    • Uses interactive feedback to send, throttle, or shunt particular conversations
    • Users can examine select classified live streams
    • No performance impact with in-line traffic redirection and bypass to final destination
    • Detect and stop data leaks to protect confidential information such as PII and PHI

Born from Military and Intelligence expertise

CSPi is putting our expertise in building military-grade packet intelligence solutions for the DoD and Western intelligence agencies to work for you.

With ARIA SDS, service providers and MSOs gain:

  • A cost-effective, high-value platform, with a zero-touch provisioning solution and built in multi-tenant capabilities.
  • A low footprint, line-rate infrastructure deployable with simple programmatic set–up.
  • The ability to monitor all network metadata and packets of interest.

When offered as a high-value service to end customers they can directly interact with service provider infrastructure to:

  • Simultaneously see all their metadata and packets
  • Transparently direct metadata to available threat detection tools
  • Conduct threat investigation and remediation:
    • Detect and block specific conversations
    • Isolate devices posing threats that could result in data leaks, malware, ransomware, DDoS , insider, and compromised credential threats.

SECURE your entire enterprise