Automated Breach Response

Complete breach investigation in hours to easily meet data privacy regulations.


nVoy Series dramatically reduces time and effort of your breach response involving your critical assets

  • Automate breach verification and notification for critical assets.
  • Generate forensic evidence of the exact records breached, including if they were properly encrypted to avoid breach related costs.
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements, such as HIPAA, 23 NYCRR 500 and GDPR’s 72-hour breach notification.

Automated Breach Response Products and Solutions

CISCO Security Technology Alliance Partner Fortinet AIR

The nVoy AIR Application

  • Provides automated validation and immediate notification of breaches
  • Triggers the creation of an extraction file containing all device conversations and exact data impacted
  • Offers API integrations with industry-leading firewalls, including Cisco Firepower, Fortinet FortiGate, and Checkpoint
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Packet Recorder

The nVoy Forensic Packet Recorder

  • Record 10Gb network traffic for detailed data extraction and forensic analysis
  • Delivers 10G packet capture, indexing, and recording of packet-level data – without dropping any traffic
  • Provides a powerful and easy-to-use web-based interface
  • Enables continuous recording of all accesses and conversations
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Packet Broker

The nVoy Packet Broker

  • Enables easy traffic aggregation, replication, load balancing, virtual wire, mirror, and tap
  • Provides a powerful user interface for web-based configuration; no CLI to learn
  • Focuses on traffic of interest at the application, from a source or to a destination
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Employ a solution that suites your business security needs.