Security Products

Make Breaches Irrelevant with Compliance Assurance and Enhanced Network Security

Protect PII/PHI – no matter where it is stored, accessed, or used


The rise in number and sophistication of data breaches is just continued proof that traditional approaches (and best practice) to threat detection and breach prevention aren’t working. This leaves organizations not only searching for a simple, effective, scalable and cost-effective security solution but it also leaves them exposed to tremendous business and financial risk, especially in the compliance of industry regulations.

A fundamentally different approach is required if there is a hope to not only detect but disrupt breaches in a quick, accurate and efficient manner. This means protect and secure an organization’s critical assets and business applications – no matter where they are stored, used or accessed. To be most effective this activity leverages existing security tools, like firewalls or SIEMs, occurs in real-time to monitor and mine network traffic in order to find and validate any potential threats and in parallel encrypt all the data that requires protection.

Cybersecurity solutions designed for enterprise-wide network security and compliance assurance:
  • The ARIA SDS Solution:– orchestrates the security and protection of high-value business PII or PHI data from cyber attacks.
    • The ARIA SDS Platform– centrally manage and automate application of security policies on-prem or public cloud.
    • The ARIA SDS Applications– easy-to-apply, and deploy, advanced security features, including key management and network policy enforcement, to protect applications and the data within.
  • The nVoy Series– automated breach verification, notification and accurate, detailed reporting needed to avoid compliance fines.
  • Myricom Network Adapters– 1-50G PCIe-based adapters for line rate, dropless packet capture critical for network monitoring and intelligence gathering.

Solutions For:

Breach Response

The nVoy Series enables InfoSec teams to meet stringent regulatory compliance requirements by completing breach investigation in hours, not days, weeks or months. It leverages intrusion alerts generated by existing security tools, such as firewalls, IDS solutions, and SIEMs, to automatically verify a breach against PII/PHI data. If a breach did occur, this solution immediately notifies and reports on the exact data impacted.

Network Security

ARIA SDS applications just made network security easier – and better. Existing security tools generate a lot of network information that may be interesting but not immediately actionable. Now there is an easy way to gain access to the right network data and take the appropriate actions.