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Why a “Whole Brain” Approach to Secure DevOps Is Critical

To be confident that their applications and associated data are protected from the start of development, organizations need to take a holistic view to the concept of Secure DevOps by addressing security considerations upfront during planning and development. Now there’s a way to let right-brain application developers and left-brain security teams focus on what they…

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Five Tips to Secure DevOps

A first article examined DevOps and questioned why security usually isn’t added early enough in application development processes. In this second article, we look at best practices for adding security into DevOps and creating “SecDevOps.”

Evolve or Die: Integrate Security into Application Development Processes

While the benefits of the DevOps methodology are well understood, as an industry we haven’t done enough to add security earlier in the application development process. In the first of a two-part blog series, we take a look at why this challenge exists, the risks it presents, and its overall business impact. Stay tuned for…

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Security Challenges Related to Containers

The use of containers has exploded recently and become integral to application development processes. The trend shows no sign of slowing down, but it raises many new security challenges. This article takes a closer look at these container security issues, why they exist, and the tactics needed to overcome them.

What is California AB 375, and What Does it Mean for You?

California’s Data Breach Notification Law was the first of its kind to protect consumers. Yet California has now gone a step further by introducing a new security law, AB 375. Here, we take a look at both of these laws and what it can mean for you (even if your company is not in California).

Everything You Need to Know About Cyber Insurance Policy Coverage

As the liability associated with data breaches is rolling “downhill” to smaller companies and vendors that provide other business services, the need for cyber insurance is becoming more important. However, paying attention to the details is crucial to understanding what kind of insurance an organization requires and under what circumstances reimbursement is declined.

CSPi Expands Partner Network Domestically and Internationally with Additions of Egoseal and Chestnut Hill Technologies
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