The Role of a Channel Partner in Data Privacy Regulation Readiness

Channel partners fulfill a critical role for their customers by guiding them toward the best technology investment given their unique business needs.  Until now, the notion of data security was highly important but not viewed through the lens of meeting PII data privacy compliance requirements.  However, with the rise of conflicting US regulations between states…

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Malware detection is simple, right?

  Wrong.  Day after day millions of computers are attacked by malware. As the number of malicious software attacks has been growing over years, the types of malware detection and antivirus solutions also grow. Yet, the attackers have the upperhand as there is no protection against zero-day attacks, or something which has just been invented….

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Reap the benefits of IoT without Compromising SCADA security

Industry 4.0 is the term used to describe the fourth industrial revolution, which is the future of industrial production based on the “Internet of Things” (IoT).  As with all major transitions this leads to exciting opportunities, but also great challenges. The good news is that IoT is expected to offer advanced connectivity of devices, systems,…

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A New Approach to Incident Response

Cyber threat forensic analysis isn’t complicated. Assuming you have the right solution in place.   Organizations are under intense pressure to do all they can to secure their organizations. Yet, until now, their approach to cyber security has been faulty. This is not necessarily their fault – the industry has been lacking proper solutions, which…

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The Implications of WannaCry on Your Critical Data

WannaCry? Only if you lose your most critical data. Last week’s attack has many people wondering: DzI wanna know if my critical assets were exposed to Ransomware is bad, but losing data can be far more costly. Unfortunately, WannaCry’s apparent success will only further embolden more cyber criminals. What’s interesting is that a decent…

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CSPi Expands Partner Network Domestically and Internationally with Additions of Egoseal and Chestnut Hill Technologies
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