Outsource Your Network with Affordable Monthly Costs – Aruba Datasheet Learn More Vital Unified Communications as a service At A Glance. Speed is the new currency of business, giving competitive rise to those who can quickly pull together, motion through major decisions, and bring new ideas to light. Vital UCaaS optimizes productivity by increasing real-time communication across services such as presence, mobility, unified messaging, and video conferencing. Whitepaper Learn More ARIA KMS Product Overview Video Interested in an Encryption Key Solution? Check out our ARIA KMS product overview video for more information. Videos Watch Now Five Minutes and Four Easy Steps to VMware Encryption We invite you to watch this short educational video (less than 20 mins) to learn how our ARIA SDS Key Management application gives you 4 easy steps to VMware encryption. Webinars Watch Now Why is Complying with Data Privacy Regulations So Hard? Infographic Learn More ARIA SDS microHSM CSPi's ARIA SDS micro Hardware Security Module (HSM) provides a secure, easy and low-cost way for organizations to adopt and manage KMIP-based software encryption applications and still maintain a fully secured key management system server. Datasheet Learn More A Mobile First Network – Aruba For small and midsize businesses, a network optimized for mobile can provide a real competitive advantage. Here’s what you need to know. Datasheet Learn More SD-WAN Infographic Can Your WAN Keep Up? Infographic Learn More SD-WAN eBook – Cisco How SD-WAN will Transform the Network And lead to innovative, profitable business outcomes. Datasheet Learn More Easily Encrypt VMware vSphere Environments with ARIA KMS CSPi's ARIA Key Management Server (KMS) is an easy-to-deploy application that takes advantage of the widely accepted key management interoperability protocol (KMIP) for integration with other existing applications - like VMware vSphere. Datasheet Learn More Improve the Threat Detection Performance of Splunk Enterprise Security Solution Splunk's overall success in accurately alerting of intrusions comes down to the quality and quantity of data it has to work with. Send it too much data and it is not only expensive, but it creates a lot of false positives. If you feed it too little information, you'll suffer from a large gap in your network view. Using CSPi's ARIA Packet Intelligence application, organizations can improve Splunk's performance and reduce the number of false positives. Datasheet Learn More ARIA SDS Packet Intelligence (PI) CSPi’s ARIA SDS Packet Intelligence (PI) application enhances an organization’s existing network security capabilities by enabling the monitoring of all network communications, including east-west traffic, throughout an enterprise. Datasheet Learn More Simply Your Path to Multi-Cloud – Juniper Infographic Learn More Simplifying Enterprise Network Architecture to Succeed in the Cloud Era – Juniper The Enterprise WAN Buyer’s Guide Datasheet Learn More 9 Steps to Build A Smarter Network – Aruba This 9 step checklist will help you deploy a smarter, more reliable Wi-Fi network. Datasheet Learn More Build the Right Network the First Time – Aruba Sample deployments across the globe Datasheet Learn More Top 5 Network Device Incidents You Need Visibility Into – Netwrix You need to stay on top of all changes to the configuration of your network devices, such as their protocols, ports and connection limits, since any unauthorized or improper modification could lead to connectivity issues — including the entire network becoming unreachable. Datasheet Learn More 5 Stages of Intelligent Data Management with – Veeam There are 5 critical status on the journey to intelligent Data Management in the Hyper Available Enterprise. Datasheet Learn More Vital™ Managed Wireless Services The pervasiveness of wireless devices in the workplace has created an intensifying demand for safe and reliable wireless connectivity. You can trust CSPi to enhance your wireless capabilities in two ways; with CSPi Vital™ Managed Wireless Service that enables you to shift the responsibility of wireless net-work management to our experts and with CSPi Vital™ Wireless-asa- Service (WaaS), you can enhance your exist¬ing network capabilities by adding wireless without the investment in technology, skills or ongoing management. Datasheet Learn More What’s On Your Network? From the Internet of Things (IoT) to an always-on mobile workforce and BYOD, today’s organizations face an increasingly complex IT infrastructure more exposed to cyber attacks than ever before. Is your business ready? Infographic Learn More How to Guide: Successfully Complying with Data Privacy Regulations Learn how in the crowded landscape of data privacy regulations organizations can meet, or beat, even the most challenging compliance requirements. Guide Learn More What Organizations Need to Know (and Do) to Prepare for GDPR Learn how an integrated solution utilizing CSPI’s Myricom nVoy and Fortinet’s FortiGate firewall provides automated breach identification and notification. This powerful capability arms today's organizations with the technology needed to achieve full compliance with stringent data privacy regulations, such as those in found in GDPR. Webinars Learn More How to Secure DevOps Across Any Environment This whitepaper demonstrates how the ARIA SDS platform addresses challenges such as: securing any DevOps environment, increase application security, apply security policies automatically and improve application performance. Whitepaper Learn More Security Assessments Solution Overview Everyone talks about an intensifying threat landscape. But today’s security conversations need to go beyond scare tactics and hyperbole. They need to be focused, pragmatic, and emphasize actionable insights. The focus on sophisticated threats has validity, but it is often misplaced for many organizations. They tend to be most vulnerable as a result of risks that intersect at the path of least resistance – email phishing, ineffective malware controls, compromised and weak passwords, and the like. Brochure Learn More Vital™ Managed Cloud Services Powered by Azure Many of our clients have struggled with these challenges. They felt frustrated with their existing IT operations and wanted alternatives that didn’t require substantial investments in equipment, people, and time. Our Vital™ Cloud Service solution mitigates these issues by helping our clients to simplify IT operations, maximize uptime, protect critical data, and gain flexibility to scale up or down based on their business needs. Brochure Learn More Bro and Myricom – Get the IDS Performance You Need Learn how Bro users are using Myricom to design a cost-effective, flexible, and high-performing IDS solution to protect against zero-day attacks. Application Notes Learn More How to confidently and cost-effectively, meet HIPPA regulation utilizing MSSP Read how a regional healthcare center uses, nVoy, in conjunction with their MSSP, to cost-effectively mitigate breaches and meet HIPPA regulation. Case Study Learn More CSPi Professional Services at a Glance Brochure Learn More CSPi Security Solutions for Secure DevOps & Enhanced Network Security Brochure Learn More ARIA SDS KMS The ARIA KMS is an easy-to-deploy application that takes advantage of the widely accepted KMIP standard for integration with other existing applications. When ARIA KMS is deployed on the Myricom Secure Intelligent Adapter (SIA), organizations gain additional security and performance since it provides a trusted execution environment for key handling operations. Datasheet Learn More Securing DevOps: A Critical but Complex Effort This infographic shows the security challenges DevOps may inadvertently cause, and how to overcome them with CSPi's ARIA software-defined (SDS) platform. Infographic Learn More Myricom SIA For Enhanced Network Security Myricom Secure Intelligent Adapter (SIA) enables DevSecOps with superior offload and performance capabilities demanded for advanced security features Datasheet Learn More ARIA SDS Uncompromised Enterprise-wide Security Achieve SecDevOps and generate a higher ROI with improved application performance and decreased deployment costs Datasheet Learn More CSPi Technology Solutions CSPi Technology Solutions enable our client’s business goals with innovative technology solutions by partnering with the best of breed technology providers. We provide IT Professional services to help accelerate technology adoption and Managed IT services to help decrease CAPEX, OpEx, and increase productivity. Datasheet Learn More Making a bold move away from traditional IT, Broward College embraces its Cloud First vision as a driver of student success. The VP of IT at Broward College gives an in-depth interview of how CSPi Technology Solutions’ Vital™ Managed IT Services offerings are helping her realize her Cloud First Vision. Case Study Learn More How to Avoid Compliance Fines with Automated Breach Identification Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how an integrated solution from CSPi and Fortinet can arm organizations with the technology needed to achieve full compliance with stringent data privacy regulations, such as those in found in GDPR. No network can be made 100% breach proof but with Fortigate and the Myricom nVoy Series in minutes you will be automatically notified of a verified breach, and in hours you can complete breach investigation. Webinars Learn More Automated Breach Notification and Identification Presentation This recorded, on-demand presentation overviews a new security solution from CSPi and Cisco that will allow InfoSec teams to: ain complete Insight, erform better analysis, focus efforts faster, as well as achieve enterprise-wide security. Videos Watch Now Vital™ Managed Cloud Services Minimize disruptions to critical IT systems and business downtime. CSPi Technology Solutions' Vital Managed Cloud Services provides industry-leading cloud services that are perfect for your business. With our Managed Cloud Services, you'll save time, improve agility, increase scalability, and reduce overall costs. Datasheet Learn More Vital™ Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery In todays data-driven world, threats to business data-from human error, hackers, or natural disasters- can have serious consequences for any business. Disaster recovery and business continuity planning isn't a one-time event and require ongoing management. Vital Managed Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services can help you overcome these challenges. This provides you affordable remote cloud-based storage for existing server infrastructures. Datasheet Learn More Vital™ Managed Security Services Security is the #1 priority for organizations of every size and industry. With a significant increase in the number of cyber-attacks year over year, CSPi Technology Solutions Vital Managed Security Services is the perfect solution. This approach delivers a cost-effective managed service, gives you the best way to mitigate risks and strengthen your overall defenses. Application Notes Learn More VXS-M16 Switch Module Datasheet Learn More VXS-M2E Switch Module Datasheet Learn More ISSPL-ALT Industry Standard Signal Processing Library Datasheet Learn More StarGate 3120 & 3120D Datasheet Learn More Terms and Conditions This agreement contains the terms and conditions that apply to your purchase from Modcomp, Inc. These terms and conditions apply unless the customer has signed a separate purchase agreement with Modcomp. Order Details Learn More Return Policy CSPi TS strongly recommends that Customer fully insures the return shipment in case it is lost or damaged. Order Details Learn More Five Critical Areas of IT That are Transforming Business Today Amidst the vast IT infrastructure landscape, there are certain strategic areas of focus that loom larger than others to advance new business. Any new idea or any new innovation won't be achieved without technology as the principal driver. The five areas of the IT infrastructure play pivotal roles in driving and sustaining digital business performance. Whitepaper Learn More Vital® Managed IT Services by CSPi Vital Managed IT Services can help accelerate your business success by taking on the heavy lifting of your IT Infrastructure. This will allow you to focus on your core business. CSPi supports the entire life cycle of technology innovation and IT services specializing in network solutions, wireless and mobility, unified communications and collaborations, data center solutions, and advanced security. Videos Learn More In-house IT vs. Vital™ Managed IT Services ROI Using CSPi Vital Managed IT Services, you get 24/7/365 proactive monitoring, managing and maintenance of your infrastructure. Expertise across Networking, Wireless & Mobility, Data Center, Collaboration, and Security. Infographic Learn More Is the Cloud Really Safe? Protect Users from Threats Juniper Unite from Juniper Networks and CSPi's Myricom ARC Series work together to build a cloud-based network that keeps your cloud data safe. Some benefits include- simplify with a scalable and resilient infrastructure, support large numbers of diverse mobile devices, and realize the full potential of mobility. Infographic Learn More The Five Forces of an Impenetrable IT Defense CSPi Technology Solutions combines the might of five IT solutions for one comprehensive threat response- Network Solutions, Wireless and Mobility, Data Center Solutions, Advanced Security, and Unified Communications. Infographic Learn More Vital Managed Monitoring and Management Services Your IT infrastructure is critical to your business' success. Any downtime could have adverse effects on your company's reputation, productivity, and even your revenues and profits. When it comes to monitoring and managing your network- and keeping it up and running- failure is simply not an option. CSPi's Vital Managed Monitoring and Management Services provides 24/7/365 oversight of your entire IT infrastructure and is completely backed with service-level agreements. Datasheet Learn More Vital Managed Collaboration Services CSPi's Vital Managed Unified Communications service offers a solution to the ever changing update in technology- a suite of fully customized, managed solutions to make your business better connected. Efficient IT is critically important but shouldn't take your focus off the core business. Datasheet Learn More Vital Managed IT Services By outsourcing your IT services to CSPi Technology Solutions, you will achieve significant cost savings and increased operational efficiency. Your IT infrastructure is a critical business asset and ensuring it's health is paramount to your business' success. CSPi's Vital Managed IT Services portfolio includes: Vital Managed Monitoring and Management Services, Vital Managed Security Service, Vital Managed Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Service, and Vital Managed Collaboration Services. Datasheet Learn More Cloud-Enabled Infrastructures Growing management challenges, security worries, and the need to modernize infrastructures are prompting companies to turn to the cloud. Once your infrastructure is set up, you need to secure it, and this is even more important when you've chosen a cloud solution. Datasheet Learn More Vital™ Security Auditor, At A Glance CSPi's Vital Auditing solution- Powered by Netwrix guarantees full transperancy of your managed environment and delivers complete visibility into IT infrastructure changes and data access. Netwrix Corporation is the IT auditing company, providing software that maximizes visibility into what, when, where and who has access to what. Datasheet Learn More Hired Hacker Service CSPi's Hired Hacker Service assesses and penetrates your current infrastructure to unveil potential weaknesses within not only your network, but also your workforce. This service includes Risk Evaluation, Penetrations Testing, Website Auditing, and Social Engineering. Datasheet Learn More Wireless & Mobility Wireless security refers to the prevention of unauthorized access or damage to computing using wireless networks. CSPi Technology Solutions' wireless and mobility engineers- some of the most widely respected experts in the country-understand the new realities created by BYOD, and how best to address them. CSPi has the experience and technology resources to be your single wireless solutions provider. Datasheet Learn More Unified Communications & Collaboration Unified Communications & Collaboration is an evolving communications technology architecture that allows organizations to unify all forms of human and device communications to create a "common experience." CSPi Technology Solutions works with you to evaluate your employees' communication needs, who they communicate with and the tools they use. Datasheet Learn More Network Solutions Your network is the lifeblood of your enterprise, the layered infrastructure by which vital information is delivered throughout the organization. CSPi Technology Solutions has a proven track record of delivering reliable and scalable networking solutions for companies in a broad range of industries, including financial services and healthcare, where data accessibility is critical. Datasheet Learn More Advanced Security Security controls often turn out to be reactionary rather than strategic, implemented in response to a failed security audit. CSPi Technology Solutions prevents this from happening through foresight and detailed planning and preparation- all critical to any effective long-term security solution. Datasheet Learn More Automated Rapid Breach Response CSPi's Myricom nVoy Series is a new approach to cyber threat identification, investigation and notification. It provides the detailed data crucial in performing timely and accurate analysis needed to comply with data privacy regulations such as GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPPA, SOX, 23 DYCRR 500 and more. Brochure Learn More A Better Way to do Rapid Breach Response CSPi' Myricom nVoy Series solution enables the automation of two critical components of breach investigative response: cyber-threat verification and complete forensic data extraction. With the pairing of Myricom nVoy AIR to the nVoy Packet Recorder, investigative response analysis can be completed in as little as a few hours, instead of hundreds of hours as is the norm today. Infographic Learn More Best Practices for Improved Cyber-Attack Incident Response The importance of having a set of policies in place to simplify and speed up breach investigation and overall incident response cannot be overstated. CSPi has compiled this list of best practices as a result of discussion with numerous IT security professionals. Infographic Learn More Myricom nVoy Series 1-100Gbit Packet Broker Cspi's Myricom nVoy Packet Broker makes it easy to aggregate, replicate, tag, strip, filter, and load-balance traffic from a tap, or right from your firewall, into your collection of network sensors. Providing flexible and scalable flow routing to flow monitoring and/or security and forensic tools allows network engineers or InfoSec resources to focus on potential traffic of interest at the application level, from a source, or a destination. Datasheet Learn More Myricom nVoy Series 10Gbit Packet Recorder The Myricom nVoy Series Packet Recorder enables InfoSec resources to not only build next-generation intrusion detection systems (IDS) but also isolate and record accesses to an organizations critical business data including personally identifi able information (PII), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and intellectual property (IP). Datasheet Learn More Myricom Sniffer10G – Integrated FPGA Firmware and Software CSPi’s Myricom® Sniffer10G technology powers the ARC Series of network adapters for packet capture, enabling advanced networking Datasheet Learn More CSPi Myricom® Products Support Offering Datasheet Learn More MVA™ for Industrial Vision Applications MVA software, running on CSPi’s Myricom® Etheret adapters, provides a high-performance platform for GigE-Vision-enabled devices. The MVA enabled Myricom adapter is uniquely able to a provide a virtual frame capture capability for high speed Ethernet cameras and other GigE-vision devices. Datasheet Learn More 10 Gigabit Adapters for Ethernet-Attached Storage MVA software, running on CSPi’s Myricom® Etheret adapters, provides a high-performance platform for GigE-Vision-enabled devices. The MVA enabled Myricom adapter is uniquely able to a provide a virtual frame capture capability for high speed Ethernet cameras and other GigE-vision devices. Datasheet Learn More Accessories for Myricom® Network Adapters CSPi offers a wide selection of industry-standard cables and transceivers to meet the needs of your network topology, protocol and size. Datasheet Learn More The Myricom ARC Series of Network Adapters with Sniffer10G CSPi’s Myricom® ARC Series with Sniffer 10G delivers lossless packet processing, minimal CPU overhead, and open source application support – all in a cost-effective package that works for you. delivers. This series of multi-port network adapters provides pure packet processing as well as zero-loss reliability, user-defined functionality, and the ability to improve network security – representing a significant value over competitive products. Datasheet Learn More The Myricom ARC Series of Network Adapters with DBL Drive down Tick-To-Trade latency with CSPi’s Myricom® ARC Series of 10 gigabit network adapters with industry-leading latency plus advanced capabilities to accelerate your trading application and meet MiFID II reporting regulations. Datasheet Learn More Myricom nVoy Series Automated Investigative Response CSPi's Myricom nVoy Series provides Intelligent Cyber-Threat Identification and Rapid Investigative Response critical to address difficulties associated with reacting quickly and effectively to a cyber breach, as well as meet tightening the breach notification periods found in data privacy regulations including HIPPA, PCI DSS and GDPR. Datasheet Learn More Deobfuscator Management Brief Malicious Software has come to a point, where not a single sample, but thousands of unique variations are being delivered every day. This is not a result of excessive malware development, but of heavy and automated obfuscation. Detect malicious software and recognize it with the CSPi Deobfuscation algorithm Datasheet Learn More Staminus Staminus Selected CSPi’s Myricom® Sniffer10G Adapters for their Distributed Denial of Service Security Appliance Case Study Learn More Redline Redline utilizes CSPi’s Myricom Products on Windows-based platforms for low-latency book building and distribution of market data Case Study Learn More LumaForge CSPi's Myricom 10G network adapters powers LumaForge's network attached storage platform delivering the best price/performance in the industry. Case Study Learn More ChyronHego CSPi's Myricom 10G network adapters enables ChyronHego's real-time player tracking system. Case Study Learn More Secure DevOps Across Any Enterprise In this on-demand webinar, created for application developers and InfoSec teams CSPi reveiws best practices and framework to achieve enterprise-wide security Webinars Learn More Take Your Incident Response to a Whole New Level With Cisco's FirePOWER and CSPi' Myricom nVoy solutions, an organizations incident response process can start immediately after the joint solution automatically verifies and notifies that a breach is occuring. In some cases the breach investigative process, including knowing the full impact of a breach can be determined in minutes. Webinars Learn More Don’t Just Wonder: Know When a Breach Occurs – Auto Breach Detection & Investigation Watch this on-demand presentation by Cisco and CSPi learn how your security team can: receive Immediate notification when an intrusion directly impacts their most critical assets triggering the start of a focused investigation, easily validate and then determine the scope of the potential breach including what type of data was involved, and what data records were exposed, as well as reduce breach analysis from weeks to hours Webinars Learn More Meet Cyber Breach Notification Deadlines With Time to Spare In this on-demand presentation you will learn how CSPi’s Myricom nVoy Solution can dramatically reduce the time from cyber attack identification to complete breach investigation. Without any manual intervention, the nVoy Series packet recorder along with the nVoy AIR application will: Automatically ingest and isolate alert events associated with critical assets Webinars Learn More Are You Prepared for Global Data Privacy? Check out this on-demand webinar to learn more about how Myricom nVoy Series solution gets you prepared for global data privacy and GDPR compliance! Webinars Learn More Cyber Threat Visualization and Data Capture Solutions View this on-demand to learn how the Myricom nVoy solution makes it easy to automatically verify and be notified of data breaches no matter if they’re just starting out building their network security capabilities or want to add to the infrastructure they already have in place. With just a few minutes of effort, they can build a cost-effective intrusion solution and implement better breach investigation response, network monitoring, data capture, forensic analysis, and regulatory compliance adherence functionality. Webinars Learn More nVoy Automated Investigative Response Watch this short video to see how the Myricom nVoy Series solution leverages intrusion alerts generated by in-house security tools to verify breaches against your critical assets, automatically trigger a notification aleart and detailed report of all conversations between impacted devices. This tightly focused the breach incident investigation efforts and reduces the analysis time from days to hours. Videos Learn More Myricom nVoy Series In this short video, you will learn how CSPi’s Advanced Breach Investigation and Forensic Framework, leveraging the Myricom nVoy Series, takes your analytics to the next level. By shifting attention to an organization’s most critical data such as personal identifiable information (PII), financial transactions, or other intellectual property (IP), security teams are able gain a 360 view of an attack, becoming more effective and focused in their forensic analysis and improving response time. Videos Learn More Rapid Breach Response for Meeting PII Compliance Deadlines CSPi's Myricom nVoy Automated investigative response (AIR) removes the need for manual breach identification and complete data extraction, reduces time from breach verification and investigation from weeks to hours and improves your overall security approach for faster, more cost-effective breach detection and data breach response. Whitepaper Learn More Are Your Cyber Forensics Telling you the Whole story? CSPi’s Myricom nVoy Series, Automated Breach Identification and Notification solution, gives security teams direct access to any data that triggered an alert for rapid breach response and complete forensic analysis in order to effectively validate and investigate any intrusion on what matters most – critical business data. Whitepaper Learn More Tick-to-Trade Latency Myricom® ARC Network Adapters for finanacial market feeds - offering lowest latency and the highest functionality. Tick-to-Trade latency is the metric that matters, the time interval between receiving a market Tick showing opportunity to your algorithm and sending the Buy/Sell order. Whitepaper Learn More

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