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Finally, a Forensic Framework to take your analytics to the next level


The common practice of focusing on all network traffic isn’t working. By shifting attention to an organization’s most critical data, such as personal identifiable information (PII), financial transactions, or other intellectual property (IP), security teams are able to take their forensic analysis to the new level.

CSPi has devised a pragmatic framework to take on the challenge of determining the full scope of cyber attacks and enable security resources to analyze and take corrective action. Leveraging the Myricom® nVoy Series solutions designed to take advantage of existing security infrastructures by taking identified data directly from an organization’s span tap, or firewall, and sending it through other security tools including Bro IDS, Suricata, and Splunk, intrusion detection systems (IDS), and security information and event management (SIEM) solutions.

Two members of the Myricom nVoy Series

Packet Recorder
  • Packet Recorder
  • 9.6-28.8TB storage
  • 2U rackmount
  • Up to 10Gbit/s packet recording and indexing
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Packet Broker
  • Packet Broker
  • 5 tuple flow routing and filtering
  • 1U rackmount
  • Aggregation, replication, and load balancing
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Auditing, Compliance, and Forensics

Today, companies in regulated industries demand extremely precise timestamps. For example, finance, healthcare, retail, defense, utilities, and government organizations all need to demonstrate proof of compliance or auditing trails to meet stringent regulations.

Packet Recorder and Packet Broker both provide the detailed data needed to better utilize forensic analysis tools.

Scalable Performance

ToTo help companies meet demanding performance requirements of today while future-proofing their investment for tomorrow, the Packet Broker provides support for 1-100 Gbit as well as the ability to load balance tap traffic into a full collection of network sensors.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Our intuitive web-based user interface helps users quickly view critical configuration and status information. For example, with Packet Broker, users do not have to learn a command line interface (CLI); they only have to draw lines between boxes representing logical devices to accomplish various tasks. Similarly, the Packet Recorder’s UI can also be used to establish capturing and recording configuration, management, and packet retrieval.

Employ a solution that suits your business security needs.

Employ a solution that suites your business security needs.