The Myricom nVoy Series 1-100 Gbit Packet Broker

The Myricom nVoy Series 1-100 Gbit Packet Broker


The Myricom® nVoy Series Packet Broker makes it easy to aggregate, replicate, tag, strip, filter, and load balance network traffic. These capabilities allow network managers, and security professionals, to isolate critical, and or highly-regulated business data, including personal identifiable information (PII), enterprise resource planning, and intellectual property (IP).

Packet Broker


By providing flexible and scalable flow routing to your monitoring, security, and forensic tools, the nVoy Series Packet Broker helps IT and security professionals focus on potential traffic of interest at the application level. These traffic flows can be filtered on a source IP address, a destination IP address, an application, a protocol, any combination of these attributes, and more.

Plus, the nVoy Series Packet Broker works as part of an Advanced Forensic Framework. It can direct flows to servers and appliances that are outfitted with Myricom Sniffer10G packet capture network adapters such as the nVoy Series Packet Recorder. This allows for a complete intelligent packet capture and recording system that can vastly improve the operations and effectiveness of any IDS, SIEMs, and forensic tools used to detect threats and assure regulatory compliance.

Easy Configuration

There is no proprietary command line interface (CLI) to learn. Instead, through an intuitive UI users draw lines between boxes representing logical devices to accomplish various tasks using a web interface built directly into the appliance. The lines direct the flow of traffic between the functions, such as split and merge, traffic replication, traffic aggregation, fan out, load balancing and switching – all at line rate. Additionally, there is a JSON API for configuring the broker under third-party or custom application program control.

Leverage Existing Tools

Packet Broker places powerful network monitoring, or cyber-attack detection directly in network managers’ hands as the broker ingests traffic directly from a tap, switch span port, or directly from a firewall.

As your network speeds grow beyond 10Gbit you can use the Packet Broker’s filtering and load-balancing capabilities to process packets from 25-100Gbit sources into 1G and 10G tools.


Form Factor 1U Rackmount
Traffic Port 48, 1Gb/10Gb/25Gb
6, 40Gb/100Gb
Management Port 10/100/1000BASE-T; Category 5, 5e, 6 UTP
Power supply Dual 750W high efficiency 90-230V AC 50-60Hz class 1
Environmental Front-to-back airflow; long endurance fan
Operating temperature: 0-45C
Non-operating temperature: -40- 70C
Humidity: 20%-90% (non-condensing)

General Operating Capabilities

Operating modes Traffic aggregation, traffic replication, load balancing, virtual wire, mirror and tap
Filtering Full 5 tuple flow level; extract and map group flows and/or individual flows (up to 2000)
System level and traffic port status LED indicators
Configuration and Management Web Interface

Other Details

Cable and Transceivers Contact your Account/Sales representative for more information on cables and transceivers that are compatible.

Configuration Options

Product Number Model Number Product Description
18-16100 100G-PACBRO- 1-100GB 1-100Gbit nVoy Series Packet Broker
19” Rackmount

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