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Innovative, Cost-Effective Advanced Forensic Framework for Cyber Threat Identification and Analysis


With cyber breaches on the rise and new compliance regulations being instituted, it is crucial for security architects to deploy the right infrastructure – one that enables them to quickly perform forensic analysis on their most critical, highly regulated data. No only that, but it must be affordable, scalable, leverage existing tools and provide complete visibility into suspicious activity.

The Myricom® nVoy Series is comprised of a packet broker and packet recorder and is a comprehensive cyber threat detection and data capture solution that meets these requirements and more. The nVoy Series packet recorder, in conjunction with the Myricom ARC Series adapters, provides lossless data capture indexing and recording, on-demand access to data for analysis and forensics, and seamless integration with firewalls, IDS solutions, and other security tools.

Our integrated solutions give you the ideal way to isolate and closely monitor the data that matters most. These integrated solutions now deliver a fully functional threat visibility and data capture solution while minimizing the operational expenditures required to manage and maintain it.
Myricom nVoy Series Packet Broker

The nVoy Packet Broker makes it easy to aggregate, replicate, tag, strip, filter, and load-balance network traffic from any port. With these capabilities, nVoy protects your investment as your network grows in performance.

The product’s powerful filtering and replication capabilities enable you to direct the network traffic flows that you are most interested in – such as specific traffic at risk – thereby reducing what has to be captured, indexed and searched in the companion nVoy Series Packet Recorder.

Myricom nVoy Series Packet Recorder

The nVoy Packet Recorder provides dropless data recording and on-the-fly indexing when running any IDS applications and/or forensic tools.

Also, because the pcap functions are off-loaded from the host CPU, the nVoy Series Packet Recorder significantly frees up host CPU capacity. In fact, even big data analytical tools can be run cost-effectively on the nVoy Series Packet Recorder since you can send only the data you want.

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